Thursday, September 20, 2012

Arriving on Blu-Ray and DVD Only at Walmart on October 2nd -- Cowgirls N' Angels (Review)

 About Cowgirls N' Angels:

Cowgirls N' Angels is a heartwarming movie that tells the story of Ida, a feisty and rebellious young girl, who has dreams of finding her father, a rodeo rider. While searching for her dad, she connects with the Sweethearts of the Rodeo, a team of young female rodeo riders run by former rodeo star Terence Parker. Recognizing Ida's innate talent for trick riding, Terence recruits her for their ranks. Accepted wholeheartedly by her new "family," Ida finds a new passion that redefines her life, and may also help her find the father she's been searching for.

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My Thoughts:

I saw this movie back in May and loved it.  So, when I received a screener copy recently, I couldn't wait to watch it again and share it with my mother.  After I saw it the first time, I couldn't stop raving about the film, and ended up bringing my mother to see it.  If you like Hallmark type movies, then you will love Cowgirls N' Angels.

After viewing the trailer (above) back in May, I couldn't wait to see the movie.  In addition to the great cast, who really brought their roles to life, the horses in this film were beautiful.  The young rodeo riders made riding these horses look so effortlessly, making me wish I knew how to ride a horse.  Throughout the movie, I was rooting for Ida to find her family and fill that void in her life.  Along the way, she not only found herself, but also a new love, which eventually leads her to her father.  This film will also introduce you to the art of rodeo riding and the time and commitment needed by these talented riders.  They need to put their differences aside when showtime come, in order to pull off daring tricks, that mesmerize the crowds, and you as the movie goer.  The movie is so good - that it will make you want to see it again.

So, make sure you mark calendars for October 2nd, when this film becomes available on Blu-Ray and DVD only at Walmart!


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Disclosure: I was sent a screener copy in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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  1. I cannot wait to see this. I love James Cromwell. He is an awesome actor. Thank you for the review and the heads-up so I now know when to be watching for it. Looking forward to seeing it with my daughter.

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