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Must Listen to Children's Music -- Twinkle Time (Review and Giveaway)

Twinkle Time

What is the next GLOBAL hit in Children's Entertainment??


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STAR magazine featured Twinkle's unique larger than life look alongside Rhinana and Iman! Her Bubbly personality landed her a National Toyota Commercial Campaign on how she uses her Toyota car as her "dressing room/ tour bus" to get to all her Twinkle Time performances!
Twinkle's acting chops placed her in PORT CHARLES for a 3 episode arch on ABC's General Hospital! Twinkle ALWAYS said, "I want to be like OPRAH for KIDS and be able to take my magical lessons around the world to teach KIDS through music the Universal language!"  Well,Twinkle was oh so close appearing on OPRAH'S search for America's Next TV Star on the OWN network! 
*Twinkle's strong POP vocals ,captivating charisma and high energy dancing  has gained her quite the following of lil mini me "TWINKLETTES"  who come dressed like Twinkle with their lil tutu skirts, leg warmers, hearts on their faces,   sprayed dyed orange hair ,stars and Twinkle's Favorite... GLITTER! 
Twinkle's live concert is a musical extravaganza  think High School Musical for the Lil Ones and Parents! Twinkle Time has performed all over Southern California : Fox LA Morning News,  Monthly performances at The Grove , The Americana at Brand,Westfield Malls (KIDS CLUB) Children's Day, Giggles N Hugs, Kid Space Museum, La Habra Children's Museum, Kids Faire performing along side The Jumpitz and Dorothy the Dinosaur, Opening up for American Idol 5th season winner Taylor Hicks and country sensation Jimmy Wayne for radio station KFROGS' July 4th Red,White and Cruise show, 5 days at The Big Fresno Fair, Hank Azaria's organization Determined to Succeed and tons of Celebrity Private Events!

Twinkle Time also performs at Elementary Schools and Public Libraries all over Southern California where Twinkle's genuine passion for KIDS definitely shows. Libraries and Malls have been lining up for Twinkle to make an appearance to read to the kids for children's story time. Miss Kari from Tokyo Branch Library says "Kids love Twinkle,  they want to be just like her, she's a true positive role model for KIDS! "

*Twinkle Time is Parent,Teacher and Librarian Approved !

My Thoughts:

Back in high school and college I took Spanish language classes, but unfortunately, I can't speak fluently in it.  You would think with a husband from El Salvador, whose parents don't speak English, that I would have picked up the language.  But, after repeatedly asking my husband to practice speaking with me, I finally gave up as he kept telling me he wasn't a teacher.  I can only read Spanish and speak a little.  

In today's society, Spanish is becoming the popular language of choice.  Because of this, I want to make sure my daughters are exposed to not only the culture, but also have the opportunity to learn this language.  My husband (go figure :-) ) has been reading and singing to the in Spanish since our daughters were in the womb.  And, whenever he stumbles across new children's books in Spanish, he picks them up to share with them.  The one thing we have had a hard time finding is Spanish music for children. And, the few CDs we have found, seem outdated or are not that enjoyable to listen to.  So, when I was contacted last week by Alitazah (AKA Twinkle) about her upcoming second CD release and recent You Tube web series launch, I wondered if this CD was what we were looking for to share with Savannah and Arabella.  Alitazah kindly sent me a copy of her original CD release from 2009, titled Twinkle Time, as well as her recent release, Made in the U.S.A. to review.  Not knowing what to expect, both my husband and I listened to these CDs prior to sharing with the girls.  My husband too the 2009 release to listen to in the car on his way to work, while I listened to the new release in the evenings while blogging. I loved how some of the songs were translated from English into Spanish, making them easy to pick up and sing along to.  And, the positive messages about friendship and behaving are shared with young children in a positive and entertaining way.  Parents will enjoy listening to Twinkle Time, and then can follow up with a discussion about what was learned in the songs with their little ones.  What a great way to open up lines of communications in a meaningful way -- Thanks, Twinkle!!!

When we were done listening to the CDs, my husband and I were in agreeance that this was the type of music we were looking to share with our girls.  Not only were Twinkle and her friends great singers, but the songs themselves were catchy.  I found myself singing along to a few of them.  And, when we finally got around to sharing with the girls, Savannah went crazy.  She danced and spun around the living room, bopping to the music.  I guess she liked what she was hearing! :-) 

Since sharing these CDs with the girls, we have already listened to them a few times, in the house, as well as in the car.  I also shared the first webisode from You Tube with Savannah, so that she could see what Twinkle and her friends looked like.  She enjoyed this video, and wanted to see more.  I guess we will be tuning in for future You Tube video releases of Twinkle Time.

Haven't heard of Twinkle Time?  You are not alone.  Unless you live in CA, you probably are just learning about this children's music band for the first time through my post.  But, not to worry.  As soon as you pick up a copy of either of Twinkle's CDs, you will become a fan like our family is.  We especially love the tracks, ABC and Love (in Spanish) from the new album.  Once you pick up a copy, let me know which one(s) you like. 

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Twinkle Time CD is now available on iTunes, and Best Buy .com, in addition to CDBaby --

One lucky reader will win a copy of each of the CDs I reviewed above, as well as an autographed photo of the Twinkle Time gang.  To enter please complete the entries on the Rafflecopter form below.  Good luck!

About Twitter (AKA Alitzah):

California native "Alitzah" aka Twinkle(Creator/Songwriter) and former lead singer of Hollywood Records all girl band "Nobody's Angel" , who opened up for Britney Spears and The Backstreet Boys and who earned a gold record for two of their songs on the “Princess Diaries” soundtrack is taking the children's music space by storm. “I want to be like Oprah for the children's market" Alitzah says with her effervescent smile.

Twinkle Time is a kid show she created in 2007 ago after teaching little kids singing and dancing at several schools and performing at birthday parties all over Southern California. This bilingual bundle of energy realized that kids and parents were listening to the same kid songs she had grown up with and wanted to add something new,"something hip, cool, and educational."

Alitzah's love for working with kids made her determined to make a change in the children's entertainment world. She set the wheels in motion and started writing and recording tunes for Twinkle Time and performing all over southern California. "I can't wait to take this around the world to inspire and teach kids valuable lessons through music, the universal language!" It's so exciting to see this dream I had finally coming to life and to see repeat families coming with new friends and enjoying our show." There is so much in store for Alitzah and her Fun, Energetic Bilingual Rock Star Show for kids!

Disclosure:  I was sent copies of these DVDs by the artist in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.


  1. I watched TwinkleTime - Made In The U.S.A. *NEW* and I thought it was good for kids, not really my thing though :P My daughter I think would love it!

  2. I learned that Alitzah began performing at the young age of eight in numerous musical productions and commercials!

  3. TWINKLE TIME"- Webisode
    it was interesting... Im SURE my kids would enjoy it

  4. I watched the video and I think, my daughter will love it :)

    anjathisandthat at yahoo dot com

  5. I learned, that Alitzah (like Pizza), a California native, began performing at the young age of eight in numerous musical productions and commercials.

  6. Its Twinkle! I can't wait to find out who WINS the GIVE AWAY!