Monday, August 20, 2012

Great Faith-Based Films Now Available from Bridgestone Multimedia Group

Every month I am sent new releases from Bridgestone Multimedia Group to review.  These are the recent films sent to enjoy with my family.

Stand Strong 


The story of an everyday family struggling to free itself from the burden of material possessions, Stand Strong follows Matt Webster, a husband and father who measures his success by his possessions. While he appears to have it all, pride of ownership does little to fill the void in Matt's life, which lacks strong convictions and a strong faith in God. Financial stress creates tension among Matt, his wife, Tara, and their children, who slowly watch the seams of a seemingly perfect existence unravel as credit cards are declined and arguments grow heated. After nearly losing a loved one in an accident, Matt and his family are stripped of all they own and are forced to move in with his brother's family. In their new positive, Christian environment, Matt and Tara learn by example how to lead their home and their children, re-evaluate their priorities, and realize that happiness is the true measure of success.

The Sound of the Spirit 


Rivka is a beautiful and precocious 12-year-old Messianic Jewish girl whose life is shattered when her father, her last remaining parent, dies. Forced to live with her aunt and uncle, a traditional Jewish couple who have broken their relationship with her father because he viewed Jesus as his Messiah, Rivka begins to prepare for her bat mitzvah in the uncomfortable and at times unwelcoming atmosphere of their synagogue.

Along the way, Rivka learns life lessons that stir her faith to new levels of maturity and depth. A never-before-told story about how a strong young woman overcomes grief and finds her calling, The Sound of the Spirit is an inspiring story you won't soon forget.

Eyes to See 


Eyes to See tells the story of Ray (Matthew Marsden), a news cameraman who is assigned to capture Haiti in the aftermath of the 2010 earthquake that left over 300,000 dead. In the midst of the catastrophic damage created by the 7.0 magnitude quack, Ray is forced to choose between doing his job and stepping out from behind the lens to help the victims. When he sets down his camera to rescue Marie (Garcelle Beauvais), a Haitian mother who is trapped beneath the heavy debris of her former home, Ray opens his eyes to his own humanity.

Inspired by the personal experiences of the filmmaker, David de Vos, this drama carries a moving, faith-based message that earned it the Dove Foundation's highest honor of five Doves. In tribute to the Haitian people, Eyes to See has signed over all proceeds to Hope Outreach International, a non-profit organization dedicated to helping Haitians help Haitians.

Under Jakob's Ladder 


Based on a true story, Under Jakob's Ladder follows Jakob Seel (Jeff Stewart) and his experience as a German-Russian living in the Soviet Union at the outbreak of World War II. Under the new Communist regime, Jakob is dismissed from his post as the teacher and preacher in his village. When Jakob breaks a strict law by speaking in public at a funeral, he is taken away to a Soviet prison.

There, Jakob manages to make peace with his imprisonment and find the freedom he craves within the walls of his cell. However, a ruthless warden, Nikolai, seeks to carry out his secret vendetta against the lowly teacher who humiliated his father, a chess grandmaster, 20 years ago.

Pray 3D: The Storm 


Three peaceful years have passed since evil walked the streets in the sleepy town of Smithfield, but that's all about to change for Laurie Curtis and her family. With a raging storm heading toward them, Laurie and her husband, Michael, attempt to enjoy a quiet dinner with friends, while a babysitter keeps an eye on their children. However, the growing storm isn't the only thing that threatens the safety of their home tonight. Now, with all access to their house cut off because of the storm, the race is on to rescue the children and their sitter.

The latest faith-based thriller from the producers of Pray., Pray 2: The Woods, and Paranormal, Pray 3D: The Storm is a white-knuckle roller coaster ride of stunning 3D cinema and heart-pounding suspense that will leave viewers desperate to discover if faith will conquer fear once again. The DVD comes with 3D glasses, as well as a 2D version and a 3D TV option.

My Thoughts:

What I love most about the films I have had the chance to review from Bridgestone Multimedia Groups is that many of them are based on real events.  It is one thing to be entertained by films that are made up, but I also love to be able to sit down and watch a riveting family film, that will not only share real accounts of events, but also deals with the people who experience them.  Out of the films I listed above, Eyes to See and Under Jakob's Ladder are based on true events.  As for Stand Strong, many families can relate to this film that deals with the struggling economy and how families have had to learn to stand strong and stay together even when their worlds are crumbling down around them.  I know a handful of people who have lost their jobs, had their home foreclosed on, or are struggling to make ends meet and have turned to local assistance programs to provide for their families.  Through everything, they continue to stay strong and know that there is only one way to go once you hit rock bottom -- up! This film really pulls at your heartstrings, while making your realize that all you really need is family and love, and that finances, though are needed to survive and support a family, are not needed in excess.  People can learn to live within their means, and still have a fruitful life.

I have watched all but Pray 3D: The Storm, which is on my to-do list this week.  All the other movies sent to review were enjoyable and really made you take a step back and look at your life and examine your faith. They are each great conversation starters for families.  You don't have to be a person of faith to enjoy these titles. So, if you are looking for faith-based films to share with your family, why not consider some of the above recent releases from Bridgestone Multimedia Group.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.


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