Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Cool Off with the ICEE Slushy Machine From The Wish Factory (Review)

Wish Factory Icee Deluxe Slushy Machine 

 Now you can make delicious ICEE Slushies right in your own home! It's as easy as 1, 2, 3: Just Grind the ice, add the flavor and enjoy! Great for Springtime, Summertime or Anytime! This set includes the ICEE Deluxe Slushy Machine, 3 ICEE Cups, 2 Mixing/Serving Spoon and 1 Measuring Spoon.

Wish Factory Icee Deluxe Slushy Machine 

We had a blast trying out the ICEE Slush Machine over the weekend.  I think Savannah enjoyed it most of all, as she kept coming back and asking for more.  It was a cinch to use.  You just fill the reservoir with ice cubes, turn the handle and grind the ice.  When you fill the plastic cups provided, then you simply pour your favorite ICEE flavored juice over the ice and mix up. Note that you have to buy the flavor packets separate, as they don't come with the slushy machine.  It is that easy!  The whole family can get in on the fun, and take turns cranking out cups of shaved ice, and pouring flavored juice over each cup.  

To me, summer is not complete without Italian ice, snow cones or ICEEE treats.  And, now we can enjoy making our own ICEE at home whenever we want, thanks to The Wish Factory.  As for clean up, that, too, is a breeze.  Simply lay each of the slush machine pieces on a sheet of paper towel or resting on the dish rack and they will dry overnight.  Then, store away in the box, and pull out when you feel like cooling off with an ICEE treat.  

Here are a few photos we took of our Saturday night movie night, which featured ICEE treats. Yum!

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ICEE Refills 3 Pack -  The Wish Factory - Toys"R"Us

You can order the ICEE Deluxe Slushie Maker and Flavor Packs from Toys R Us, as well as other online retailers.  Toys R Us is selling this slushie maker for only $24.99, and the flavor packs for $4.98 for a 3 pack.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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