Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Celebrate “Get Ready for Kindergarten” Month with Quilting Treasures and Dinosaur Train!

Celebrate “Get Ready for Kindergarten” Month with Quilting Treasures and Dinosaur Train!

Get Ready for Kindergarten Month is celebrated during August to support a happy entry into kindergarten – a life-changing event for parents and children alike!

There are many things that can be done to help prepare children for kindergarten, including working with your child on basic academic skills, such as writing his/her name and reading letters; teaching critical thinking skills by encouraging them to ask “Why” questions; working on arts-and-crafts projects to get your child more comfortable using scissors, markers and other supplies he/she will be working with in kindergarten; and making shopping for school supplies a fun experience by letting your child make some choices of their own, such as the color of his/her backpack or pencil case.

To help you celebrate and prepare, Quilting Treasures has partnered with The Jim Henson Company and Dinosaur Train to offer you some fabulous fabrics featuring everyone’s favorite character Buddy. The fabrics can be used to practice some of these skills with your children, and create a fun Dinosaur Train themed item that your child can take to their new kindergarten – with the company of Buddy!

Quilting Treasures is currently offering some amazing Dinosaur Train fabrics including:

A Dinosaur Train themed book panel:

Check out these Dinosaur Train themed fabrics:

And, here are some Dinosaur Train themed coordinates:


Want to make a Dinosaur Train pencil case for your child, to send them back to school with?  Then, visit the following link for guidelines on how to make one --

Dinosaur Train fabrics can be used for many other crafting projects too, such as an adorable nap mat, lamp shade, bulletin board, picture frame, and many more! To view the entire collection and project ideas visit Quilting Treasures Fabrics are available at select independent retailers, information available at:

Dinosaur Train fabrics retail for approximately $12.00 per yard. Please note that fabric is not intended for children's sleepwear.

For more back to school preparation activities, please visit the immersive and compelling Dinosaur Train website at, offering parents (and teachers) a wealth of activities to encourage basic scientific thinking skills for pre-school children.

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