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Adding a Whimsical Touch to Savannah's New Bedroom Thanks to the Sweet Dreams Clock From Liane Fried Studio (Review)

Liane Fried Studio 


What a crazy couple of week's we have been having at our house.  Not only did our two year daughter, Savannah celebrate her birthday on July 19th, but she somehow managed to sneak herself back into our bed.  As a result, either my husband or I end up sleeping on the couch in the living room, or up in the guest bedroom -- whichever we can get to first, half asleep.  We end up moving out, as Savannah loves to roll around and do 360's all night long, usually kicking us in the process.  On top of this, Arabella has begun teething, so we are back to getting up a few times in the night to tend to her.  Savannah doesn't like hearing her baby sister crying, so climbs out of her bed and then gets right into ours.

So, this past weekend, my husband and I, when the girls napped (which wasn't often or for long) began cleaning up/out one of the guest bedrooms to turn it into Savannah's own room.  Growing up, I had two older brothers and didn't get my own room until I was twelve.  Now, I am getting a room ready for my two year older -- go figure. :-)  I always thought that she would be sharing a room with Arabella, and that they would develop this bond spending time together at night in their rooms.  You know, what you see in movies. Well, for now, that dream is on hold, as we need to put Savannah is a quiet room, where she will not get woken up and startled when Arabella cries.  Seeing that she has only begun teething, we will be in for many a long nights in the months ahead -- just as we were with Savannah.  I can't wait until they both decide to sleep through the night, even just for 6 hours.  My husband and I will be in total bliss, with our bed to ourselves.  And, with the winter fast approaching, I want to be able to have my own sheets to cover up with. :-)

Part of preparing the empty room was trying to figure out the decor.  Did we want to stay with a nursery type feel, deck it out with Toy Story or Dinosaur Train wall decals, or create a big-girl type room?  We are still deciding on the decor, but did paint the walls with a fresh coat of yellow/buttercream paint, which really brightened it up and made it inviting.  We assembled the two race car beds we had stored, and turned the twin bed sideways and make it into a daybed (aka. the bed my husband or I will sleep in for a few weeks, as Savannah adjusts to her new room).  When the paint finally tried, I did put one thing on the wall -- a handpainted clock from Liane Fried Studio.

This vibrantly colorful wall clock makes a cute addition to a kid's room. My original designs are hand-printed onto a glossy ceramic-like surface. My clocks are festive pieces of functional art that anyone would love to show off. Signed on the back by me, this clock gives a room a whimsical feel.

                      *8" round
                      *Comes with a wall mounting hook
                      *Requires one AA battery (not included)
                      *Wipes clean with a soft cloth
                      *Packaged with a gift card in a clear bag
                      *Made in America

I was sent the Sweet Dreams clock to review, and received while we were away on vacation a couple of weeks ago.  Upon returning home and going through the mail, I fell in love with this beautiful, yet whimsical wall clock.  It will hold sentimental value to me, as I have been singing Twinkle, Twinkle to Savannah before she was born, and every night when she goes to bed.  Now, she is beginning to sing along, and requests for me to sing along with her throughout the day.  So, whenever I look at the clock, I will remember how this song has become a staple in our house, and was the first song my daughter learned how to sing.  And, when Savannah saw the clock, her eyes lit up and she kept saying, "moon" and "twinkle, twinkle, Mommy."  Then, she would smile from ear to ear and point to the clock.

You'll have to wait until we get Savannah's room all together, to see how this clock really adds charm and a sense of playfulness to her big girl room, as right now it just looks lonely being the only thing hung up.  But, in the meantime, I wanted to share additional examples of Liane's work.  In addition to wall clocks, she also offers barrette holders, magnets, mugs, desk clocks, memo boards, coaster, book strings, bookmarks and jewelry.  As a dog lover and owner, I instantly fell in love with her pet-themed gifts. 

What do you think?  Love her handmade gifts just as much as I do?  I bet you do.  I am impressed with the overall quality of the clock she sent along for review.  It is well crafted and was easy to hang up.  And, once on the wall, the bright colors really made the design of the moon pop and come alive.  With the holidays right around the corner, and a few upcoming baby showers, I now have a go-to gift that anyone would love to receive and cherish.

If you like unique, handcrafted products, then you will love shopping at Liane Fried Studio online.  And, don't worry -- you will not break the bank shopping for these lovely products. :-)

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About Liane:

Liane Fried

It all started, seriously, I had been a world traveler and professional illustrator in New York City since 1976. My DH moved me in 1990 to upstate NY where I had neither friends nor family, and I couldn't find a job. Needless to say, I was a little I played around with polymer clay and began to create whimsical animals and divas. Some of the local gallery owners and Museum Shop buyers encouraged me by selling my work in their stores and a new full-time career was born!

I am now back in the NYC area. After many years of creating jewelry, I have returned to my illustrator roots and love of color, and now offer a line of quirky home decor and gift items such as clocks, magnets, book strings, mugs, and coasters. Check back from time to time as new items are added frequently. I hope you enjoy my work.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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