Monday, July 16, 2012

What Goes Great with BBQ? A Nice Salad with Cains Dressing (Review)

Growing up I was always a picky eater.  But, the one food that my parents could serve me, and that I would each day after day was a big bowl of salad with Italian salad dressing.  I never knew how stressful trying to get me to eat was.  That was, until I had my own children.  Our daughter Savannah is now eating our food with us, but makes it difficult come dinner time.  She could live off of chicken noodle soup (minus the chicken), hot dogs, pickles, tomatoes, mac and cheese and raviolis, if we let her.  But, give her anything else, and she will push the plate away.  She has begun coming around now that we are receiving salad mix and other fresh veggies from our local food CSA share we pick up weekly. 

Savannah was hesitant in eating salad at first. But, after seeing my husband and I enjoying it, she wanted to give it a try.  I ended up giving her a sampling of dressings, so that she could dip her fingers and lettuce into each, and find her favorite.  After dipping away, she found that she, too, is a fan of Italian dressing, in addition to liking Cesar and balsamic vinegar.  Because I know what dressing my husband and I like (his is balsamic and mine is Italian), I usually just stock up on these, in addition to a bottle of bleu cheese for my mom and ranch for my dad, for when they visit.  But, thanks to the folks at Cains, I was sent 10 of their Naturally Delicious salad dressings, along with a couple of their marinades, to sample and review. 

This is how I was able to set up a tasting station for my daughter to try out an assortment of dressings, to find her favorite.  I have been enjoying Cains' Italian dressing for years, as it is full of flavor or not watery or too greasy like other brands are.  In order to get my daughter to sample the different dressings, my husband and I ended up participating in the taste test, but dipping carrot sticks and cucumbers into each cup.  If we hadn't tried out the different dressings with her, we wouldn't have realized that we liked over flavors.  My husband kept double dipping into the raspberry and peppercorn Parmesan dressings, while I couldn't get enough of the Caesar, blush wine and honey mustard dressings.

Now Savannah can add salad to her list of foods she likes.  And, my family can add a few more salad dressing flavors to our pantry.  What about the barbecue sauces I was sent?  If you love to BBQ or marinade chicken breast and steak, then you really need to try Cains' Naturally Delicious barbecue sauces, in both original and honey flavors.  This was the first time I had tried them, but loved how they added so much flavor to the chicken we grilled.  Usually my husband an I find ourselves needing to add more BBQ sauce to the food after it is cooked, as it seems to lose the flavor when cooked.  But, with Cains' BBQ sauces this was not the case.  The chicken was so moist and packed with so much flavor.  Going forward, we will be sure to pick up Cains' barbecue sauces when food shopping.

Have a cookout planned this summer?  Why not hold your own salad dressing taste test.  If you are like me and have your go-to salad dressing, this taste test will surprise you.  Let me know what new flavors you like after you give Cain's Naturally Delicious salad dressings a try.

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Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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