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Summer Fun Must Haves -- The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure Book 1 (Review and Giveaway)

Thankfully my girls are not talking yet, so we don't have to listen to "Are we there yet" on the long car rides to visit family or vacation in NH.  But, I know that when they do, I will have an arsenal of toys, games and snacks handy to keep them entertained and happy.  

Will you be going on a long car ride this summer?  Or, do you need rainy day activities on hand for those less than beautiful summer days when the kids have to stay inside?  Then, why not consider picking up The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure Book 1?  It is a great way to keep young minds sharp in the summer, as well as a great stress reducer for busy parents looking to unwind at the end of a busy day.

Here are a couple examples of the types of dot-to-dot adventures you will find in this new activity book:

Free Printable Connect the Dot Puzzle Download sample 2 

Free Printable Connect the Dot Puzzle Download sample 1 
 Click here to download and print -

I remember having my parents give my brothers and I big activity/coloring books for the long rides to visit my grandparents. I would flip through the pages to find the mazes and dot-to-dot activities.  When I was done with the ones in my activity book, I would switch off with my brothers and do theirs, as they liked the word games and finish the drawing activities.  And, now that I have children of my own, I hope they will enjoy these fun anytime dot-to-dot adventures.  Not only will they help teach them counting, but will challenge their imagination in order to find out what they will be connecting the dots to reveal.  This is what I loved most about those childhood activity books, and fell in love with all over again when I was sent a copy of The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure Book 1 to review.  In one day, I had done each and every dot-to-dot activity, and wished I had more books to continue with.

More about this book:

The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure, (the 17th book in the Greatest Dot-to-Dot series) by David Kalvitis, carries on his tradition of skillfully utilizing dots to create the most amazingly complex and artistic dot-to-dot puzzles to ever hit the market.

The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure - Book 1 begins following a guide, an imaginative young boy searching for the missing pieces of a mysterious gift. Together, visitors will navigate challenging puzzles and unearth secret clues to discover new species of dots and spectacular views. One can even challenge themselves by scaling the 'Everest of Connect-the-Dots', a four page foldout puzzle comprised of a record breaking 2,600 dots.

Kalvitis' goal was to raise the connect-the-dot bar even higher with his new 'Adventure' series. A simple story line that follows a boy around his home town looking for clues is a continuing theme in Adventure Book 1. The variety of images expected in Kalvitis' previous books are still present in this new offering, in addition the images of what the young boy sees 'connect' as the story begins to unfold.

Speaking of unfolding, the new Adventure Book also contains two triple page foldouts, and one jaw dropping four page foldout with over 2,600 dots, the largest Dot-to-Dot in print to date. Kalvitis' new book also boasts a couple new puzzle styles as well as puzzles that give clues to other puzzles in order for you to solve them. Because of these interacting puzzles in addition to the new story line (both of which have never been done in an activity book of this type before), The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure Book is even more interactive and exciting than ever before.

Join us on the Adventure, because Dot-to-Dots aren't just for kids anymore! 

Click here to visit the Monkeying Around website to learn more about this and other dot-to-dot  books available for purchase.  And, with the holidays fast approaching these books would make for great stocking stuffers.


One lucky reader will win a copy of The Greatest Dot-to-Dot Adventure Book 1 thanks to the vendor, to share with their children this summer, or stash away and enjoy when you have down time.  Either way, fans of dot-to-dots will have a blast completing each and every challenging adventure, created by David Kalvitis.  To enter, print off the following sample and complete. The first person to email me and let me know what the dots connect to form wins.  Good luck!

Free Printable Connect the Dot Puzzle Download sample 3 

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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