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One of America’s Favorite Pediatricians, Dr. Harvey Karp, Reveals Revolutionary Ideas To Calm Fussy Babies, Boost Sleep And Raise Well Behaved Tots In His Bestselling DVDs (Review)

“Every Mom needs tools that work… and Harvey’s do.” Michelle Pfeiffer

“The one tool that helped us the most was The Happiest Baby on the Block DVD.  It teaches soothing techniques and…it works!” – Jewel

“A superb way of helping parents and the best way I know to help crying babies” -   Steven Shelov, M.D., editor-in-chief,  American Academy of Pediatrics’  Caring For Your Baby and Young Child

Street Date: 6/12/12

DVD SRP:  $19.98 each

One of America’s most trusted pediatrician’s shares his amazing tips in the most watched parenting DVDs in history - The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Toddler on the Block! Timed to the 10th anniversary of these NY Times best-sellers, Lionsgate Home Entertainment is releasing these celebrated DVDs in June. Dr. Karp’s landmark guides are must-haves for every parent of a child under 5 years of age!

Based on his classic books, Dr. Karp’s DVDs bring his many groundbreaking techniques to life. From calming crying babies in seconds to taming tantrums, each DVD features countless techniques, real parent success stories and dozens of hot topic Q&As.  Complete with all-new packaging, The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Toddler on the Block, hit stores June 12, 2012, for the new low price of $19.98 each.

These releases are a key part of a landmark month for the brand! Throughout June, Harper Collins will promote its June 12 launch of Dr. Karp’s much-anticipated new book, The Happiest Baby Guide to Great Sleep (Birth - 5 Years). In the comprehensive guide, Dr. Karp uses his legendary insights to resolve the #1 new parent complaint - exhaustion!  And, on June 21, Dr. Karp will hold a highly publicized, national event “Parents Night Out with Happiest Baby & Happiest Toddler” in more than 500 major movie theaters across America. In addition, in June the brand will launch an all-new website and mobile apps featuring on-the-go solutions to key challenges, a white noise player, sleep & feeding trackers, games and over 100 pieces of new content! 

The must-have DVD for every new parent!  Dr. Harvey Karp reveals how to soothe even colicky babies in minutes…or less…AND boost sleep 1-3 hours a night!  Through his groundbreaking discovery of the calming reflex, you’ll learn how to use the 5 S’s to turn “off” crying and transport almost any baby from screams to sleepy serenity…in minutes.  No wonder millions of parents, from working moms to superstars like Madonna and Michelle Pfeiffer have turned to Dr. Karp to learn his secrets for making babies happy.  

·         Dr. Karp Answers 25 Hot Topic Parenting Q&As!
·         Bonus sneak peek of the Happiest Toddler on the Block

As happy babies approach their first birthday, The Happiest Toddler is the absolute next step in parenting success!  Like a magic window into your child’s mind (8 months – 5 years), Dr. Karp explains the mystery behind toddler behavior and gives clear solutions for taming tantrums in minutes….boosting cooperation…and adding patience…all while doubling your fun!  Within just days of using his signature techniques - like Toddler-ese, Fast Food Rule and Playing the Boob - will help you have the Happiest Familyon your block!

·         Dr. Karp Answers 26 Hot Topic Parenting Q&As



My Thoughts:

I don't know about you, but when my daughters go down early for bed, my husband and I always look at one another and wonder what to do with the unexpected free time.  Do we sit and wait for the girls to wake and the tend to them?  Do we attempt to watch a movie, hoping that we can watch it from start to finish?  Or, can we sit quietly and read some of the books we have stacked on the end tables -- most of which are parenting books? 

Well, the other night, we were faced with this not so often predicament.  What did we do?  We ended up watching The Happiest Baby on the Block and The Happiest Toddler on the Block.  Yes, I know what you are thinking?  Why would you waste this precious free time watching parenting videos?  Well, my answer is simple -- we want to try and get as many more of these free moments as possible.  And, this will not happen unless the girls are happy and know how to sooth themselves at nighttime.  I have been a fan of Dr. Karp's even before I had children.  Being a health educator for over 10+ years before welcoming the girls, I always read articles by him, in order to incorporate his findings and suggestions into parenting seminars and educational handouts I would put together.  Parents would always come into my office and ask for videos about soothing fussy babies, as well as handling the terrible 2's and 3's.  How is this health related you ask?  Well, if you have young children, then you know that sleep deprivation past 2-3 days can lead illness, depression and other medical conditions.  If you already suffer from arthritis, depression, etc., then lack of sleep only makes it worth.  So, parents are always looking in books and with videos to help ease the headaches they face when trying to teach their babies how to self sooth, and how to address tantrums in toddlers.

Now that I have a baby and toddler, both going through their own fussy phases, I, too, was seeking suggestions and tips recently, to help make my days and nights easier and more peaceful for everyone.  As my husband and I watched these two movies back to back (they were about an hour each), we found ourselves conversing and making mental notes of tips and suggestions that Dr. Karp would make.  When we were done watching the movies, I turned to my husband and said, "I felt like he was talking to us, as if he knew what we had been dealing with Savannah and Arabella."  My husband agreed, and was surprised, yet happy to know that other parents are struggling with the same issues in parenting that we have been.

It has been over a week since we originally watched these two titles, and we have seen a vast improvement in the overall behavior and demeanor of our daughters and ourselves.  Arabella is sleeping a couple hours longer, while I am able to prevent tantrums before they begin or can calm Savannah done right when they start.   With the free time we now have at night time, we are using it to watch these films over again, as well as read for pleasure.  What a difference a good night's sleep makes.  Everyone in our house is waking up more energized and happy - thanks in part to Dr. Karp and his two new DVD releases.

These DVDs would make for a great baby shower gift, or gift for new parents.  Even if you think you know it all, after having children, these movies will offer you tips and tricks that will make raising happier children (and parents) so much easier.  I am talking from experience, as we have seen a drastic change in our family in one week's time.



You can buy the two titles above invidually ($26.95) or as a set ($449.5).  Click here to order today, online --

Disclosure:  I was sent copies of these DVDs from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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