Thursday, July 12, 2012

Now Available on DVD -- Wild Kratts: Jungle Animals (Review)

Buy now on DVD for only $9.99.

Join the Kratt Brothers, Martin and Chris, as they take their adventures into the jungle and discover some of the world’s most fascinating and elusive creatures in WILD KRATTS: JUNGLE ANIMALS.  In these four amazing new-to-DVD adventures, the Kratt Brothers study the ways of this diverse ecosystem and encounter lizards that walk on water, orangutans who create medicines, and tarsiers that survive in complete darkness! The WILD KRATTS: JUNGLE ANIMALS DVD includes four fun-filled, educational journeys, each with a unique blend of live action and animation creating unlimited potential for education and storytelling.  Over 8 million households tune in to watch “Wild Kratts” each month.

Specifications:      Widescreen with English Stereo with English SDH Subtitles

Rating:                 Not Rated

Runtime:              Approximately 100 minutes

SRP:                     $12.99 U.S.

My Thoughts:

This is another PBS Kids show that Savannah can't get enough of.  Her favorite part of the show is the introduction, as she goes crazy dancing to the theme song.  Then, once the brothers Kratt transform into cartoon characters, she climbs up on the couch and settles into watch one of their wild adventures.  From water to land, these brothers amaze with the animals they come in contact with.  And, they do an amazing job in education the younger audience about them and how important their survival is.  

Both boys and girls enjoy this hit PBS Kids show, and they will love this new DVD, too.  This DVD also contains four popular episodes, which I broke up viewing over 4 days with Savannah.  It was hard to see which of the four episodes was her favorite, as she couldn't still with each of them.  When an animal or the brothers appeared on the screen, she went bonkers, pointing everything out to me and her little sister.  Since receiving this DVD for review, we have watched it once in its entirety, and then began watching it again on Monday.  Three episodes down, one to go tomorrow.

Disclosure: I was sent a copy of this DVD from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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