Saturday, July 21, 2012

Now Available on CD -- Randy Kaplan's Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie

Mr Diddie Wah Diddie

During our return trip from vacation over the weekend, I brought along a handful of family-friendly music CDs to listen to with the girls.  One that caught our attention and kept us entertained was the recent release of Randy Kaplan's, "Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie."  I was not familiar with Randy Kaplan prior to listening to his CD, so I wasn't sure if my daughters or I would like his music.  As you can see from the CD cover art, the music on this CD includes bluegrass and blues, to name a few.  These are not usually my genres of choice, but after listening to this CD from start to finish, with 24 tracks in total, I can now say that I am a fan of bluegrass and blues. :-)  

Within the first few seconds of the first track on this CD, Savannah and I were dancing along to the beats, as my husband drove back from NH.  I even caught my husband at times, tapping away on the steering wheel.  Our favorite track on the CD was Shake That Thing, and Savannah sure did -- she couldn't stop shaking her head and body from side to side, while giggling in the back seat.  

As we were listening to this amazing homage to American Bluegrass, I read through the 20 pages of colorfully illustrated liner notes, which shared information about the great American musical heritage.  What a great way to introduce this popular music with children, as well as share the history behind it, with beautiful illustrations and easy to read notes.  

Since arriving home, my daughter, Savannah, and I have watched a few of Randy Kaplan's music videos, which are available on myKaZootv, the new 24/7 interactive kids' entertainment channel.  I also checked out Randy Kaplan's official website and found that he is currently touring, and will be doing a special radio broadcast in Northampton, MA in a few weeks.  We will definitely be tuning in to hear this.  But, in the meantime, we will kick back and enjoy the songs on Randy Kaplan's new CD, Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie.

Disclosure:  I was sent a copy of this CD from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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