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There is a lot to celebrate this July, and The Jim Henson Company, Sprout and TOMY want to share some great news with you about the critically acclaimed pre-school property, THE PAJANIMALS.

To start, Tomy offered me a sneak peek at their new PAJANIMALS plush toys that will be available this fall from TOMY.  The bedtime friends plush line is inspired by the main characters from the show—Sweetpea,Squacky, Cowbella and Apollo.  Just look at Arabella playing with her that was sent to us.  I will have to pick another plush when they arrive in stores in the fall, as Savannah wanted one.  Who could blame her?  They are so cute, and oh so cuddly!

Including in the PAJANIMALS plush toy line are:

9” and 15” Plush Apollo (SRP 9” Plush - $10.99; SRP 15”Plush - $19.99)

A green and purple dog, Apollo is a natural leader, the one they all look to when the path is unclear. Filled with confidence and common sense,  although at times, he can be surprisingly sensitive. When he gets hurt feelings, everything must stop while his friends carefully coax him out of his funk.

9” and 15” Plush Cowbella  (SRP 9” Plush - $10.99;SRP 15” Plush - $19.99)

Cowbella is a purple and white cow that loves all things pink and princessy. Like lots of little girls, she has a vivid imagination and loves to play dress-up. She is also prone to emotional drama,and often gets lost in a cloud of big feelings. Her solution to all problems is to imagine them away, but sometimes her imagination takes her to dark places.

9” and 15” Plush Squacky  (SRP 9” Plush - $10.99;SRP 15” Plush - $19.99)

Squacky is a high energy, blue and yellow duck whose mind jumps around with its own mysterious logic. Squacky is never without his Blankie, tied around his neck like a cape. A self-appointed superhero, he only truly finds his courage with a little help from his friends.

9” and 15” Plush Sweet Pea Sue (SRP 9” Plush - $10.99;SRP 15” Plush - $19.99)

Sweet Pea Sue is a pink and orange pony with very large eyes who loves order and routine. She approaches all challenges with her own little “to do” list, and sometimes needs to learn how to let go and just let things happen. The others rely on her for her wise perspective and compassionate heart.

In addition to the above plush toys, THE PAJANIMALS will also enjoy the  Snuggle Up Story Mat (SRP $29.99).  Help your child transition from play time to nap time with the Snuggle Up Story Mat. Featuring your favorite lovable Pajanimals characters, this mat includes a soft book that transforms into a pillow.  I'll definitely be picking this up for Arabella for the holidays! :-)

Additionally, THE PAJANIMALS debuted on the NEW NBC Kids block (produced by Sprout) on July 7 and will be airing every weekend.  THE PAJANIMALS series quickly became popular when it debuted in fall 2011 on the 24-hour preschool television channel Sprout,and now even more parents and children across the U.S. will be able to tune-in to follow the amazing adventures of four sweet and gentle characters—Sweetpea Sue the pony, the excitable duck Squacky, the creative cow Cow Bella and the optimistic puppy Apollo. Through their imaginary journeys, these cuddly musical puppets venture out on amazing adventures of discovery, modeling the skills preschoolers need to move through their days successfully, especially getting ready for and going to bed.  THE PAJANIMALS characters were designed and built by the world-famous Oscar® and Emmy® Award-winning Jim Henson's Creature ShopTM from original concepts by Los Angeles-based toy and clothing designer, artist Jeff Muncy.

THE PAJANIMALS television series even caught the attention of Celine Dion, who mentioned how much her babies’ love it and sang some the show’s “Lullaby” song on CBS’s The Early Show!

(cue to: 2:00)

And finally, did you know that July is "Making a Difference to Children Month"? Every year at this time, we are urged to take an active role in children’s lives in four different ways:  pick one or two events or activities to do with a child;   support an organization that works with children; tell your legislative policy makers to support initiatives that are beneficial for kids; and, last but certainly not least, spread the word about helping children as the more people aware of the need, the more support organizations receive financially and through volunteer efforts.

Inspired by Savannah wants to celebrate Making a Difference to Children Month by encouraging you to spread the word to encourage more people to be active, and make a difference in the life of a child.  One simple way for parents and adults to make a difference to their child is to reassure little ones of the fun adventures that await them in their dreams – and the PAJANIMALS want to help.

Pajama Time Tips

Blow Off Steam -- At the end of the day, allow your child to expend some energy by running around the house, dancing to music or tumbling on the carpet.

Calm Things Down -- After getting the wiggles out,start the wind-down process.  Calm activities like reading or listening to quiet music are great ways to transition your little bundle of energy into acalmer state.

Keep It Light -- Diffuse end-of-day grumpiness with a playful attitude. Bedtime shouldn't be a chore. Try singing the"Brusha, Brusha, Brusha" song as you scrub those pearly whites. Play Simon Says as you get into pajamas (Simon says take off a sock!).

Stay Consistent -- Stick to a specific bedtime and lead up to it with a routine. A simple routine is best, such as: bathe, brush teeth and read a book. This consistency provides a feeling of safety and a frame work to help little ones soothe themselves to sleep.

Snuggle and Share -- Once your child is tucked in bed, those last moments before lights out are the perfect time to snuggle up and huggle up. Take a few moments to reconnect and reassure. Share a warm story, talk about the highlights of the day or the things you look forward to tomorrow.

Also, available to THE PAJANIMALS fans online for FREE are a range of age appropriate activities and downloadable games at .

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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