Monday, July 23, 2012

Coming Soon -- O.O.T.W. Girls! w/ Fun Interactive Features (Review)

"The Girlaxy is where it’s at for the O.O.T.W. Girls!! Their futuristic home is filled with bright lights, funky colors, and super adventures!! Astrology and mega-cool technologies have come together to make anything the girls dream possible. Whatever they want to do is right there, all they need is a spark of imagination in their minds!

The O.O.T.W. Girls are "Out of This World" trendy and cute.  Each girl has a dazzling personality as unique as the stars in the galaxy.  They have a passion for interstellar adventure and their vibrant imaginations take them everywhere under the sun. The O.O.T.W. brand encourages girls to use their imaginations and celebrate their own uniqueness.
The O.O.T.W. line offers a classic play pattern and expands on this through their website, social media, mobile site, and e-Package/QR Code component that allow kids to further connect with each of the characters. The initial launch will feature five unique small dolls and two pets. Like the O.O.T.W. Girls, each pet will feature electronic payoffs. The line will also include two battery-operated playsets that include games and other interactive features."

My Thoughts:

We were recently sent Techno to try out, and Savannah couldn't wait for me to get her out of the package.  Each doll comes with a story on the box, which describers her personality. In addition, each O.O.T.W. girl has their own unique feature that makes them come alive when played with.  For Techno, you push the yellow button on her belly and lights begin to spin in her head -- like she is jamming to a dance party in her head. :-)  Savannah loved this bonus feature, and couldn't get enough of pushing the button and dancing along with Techno.

Even though the O.O.T.W. Girls are not available until later this summer, I can see them becoming instant hits among young girls.  They are small enough to carry around and store in your backpack or purse (Savannah's choice of carrying her toys), or display nice on a dresser when not played with.  Since receiving Techno, Savannah doesn't go anywhere without her.  She even brings her to dinner, and has her sit next to her.  And, when people ask about the doll, Savannah can't wait to show Techno's super power as she calls it.  
This doll line will show young girls that they are all unique and that being different is great.  Each of the O.O.T.W. have their own personalities and special feature.  And, after visiting the O.O.T.W. blog and official website, girls will learn to dream big just like the O.O.T.W. and that anything is possible, if you put your mind to it.  What a great toy concept and not one that I have seen executed as well as this new toy.  I can't wait to pick up the O.O.T.W. girls to add to Savannah's collection, as well as give as gifts.  Savannah is excited about getting Flix (who project movies from her pigtails) and Gigi (who giggles when you push the blue button on her belly).  
Check out the O.O.T.W. Girls website here -- -- to learn more about these new toys for young girls, as well as play games, listen to music and find out more about their Galaxy.  Being an animal lover myself, I can't wait to see the two pets that will be released alongside the five O.O.T.W.
---Get Yours Soon---

Look for Astra, Gigi, Techno, Vizi, and Flix (the O.O.T.W. Girls) in major retailers later this summer, where they will each retail for only $9.99 SRP.  

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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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