Monday, April 30, 2012

Welcome in Spring with a Good Book -- Finger Puppet Books from Chronicle Books (Review)


Little Chicken Finger Puppet Book

Ages infant to 3,

Published in January, 2012
ISBN 9781452108117
ISBN10 1452108110

Kids go crazy for these quirky books featuring lovable characters, vivid art, rhyming text, and best of all, adorable finger puppets! Watch Little Chicken welcome spring and Little Seal play by the sea in these simple, comforting stories. Each book features a permanently attached plush finger puppet and peekaboo holes in every page, presenting a super fun way for parents and children to play and read together.

In My Barn

Ages infant to 4,

Published in March, 2012
ISBN 9781452106410
ISBN10 145210641X 

Turn the colorful die-cut pages of these irresistible board books to discover just what makes little horse’s barn and little ladybug’s leaf so cozy. Is it the soft hay? Is it the colorful flowers? No, it’s their loving families! Bright pictures, sweet reassuring messages, unique layered pages, and adorable finger puppets combine to create interactive reading and playtime fun!
My Thoughts:

If you have young children like I do, then you need to pick up these or other finger-puppet type books.  Savannah and Arabella got a good chuckle out of these two books, when I showed them to them for the first time.  Savannah came running over and tried to grab the chicken and horse, hoping they would detach from the book.  She was surprised that they didn't and was eager to have the stories read to her.  So, we snuggled up on the couch and I slipped my finger into the puppet, and began reading these short board storybooks.  As I read the stories, I would bring each story to life, by making the puppets move.  I had the horse galloping and the chicken bobbing around.  Savannah couldn't stop smiling and laughing. I think she even forgot that I was making the puppets move, as she let out a  few "ohh, ahhs" as I moved them around.  

And, when we were done, she asked to have the stories read ahead.  But, this time, she wanted to slide her finger into the puppets, while I read the stories to Arabella.  So, together, Savannah and I entertained Arabella, who also was smiling from ear to ear, as she tried to reach for and grab the chicken and horse, without luck.

I had never seen board books like this before, but am lucky to have stumbled upon them, as they are so fun and entertaining, and really got my oldest daughter, Savannah, excited about being read to.

Disclosure:  I was sent copies of these books by the publisher in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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