Monday, June 4, 2012

Savannah is Loving Her Color Discovery Boxes From Lakeshore Learning (Review)

Since reviewing the Little Hands Kitchen Set back in December (click here if you missed my review), we have become instant fans of Lakeshore Learning toys.  Not a day goes by that Savannah doesn't play with the Little Hands Kitchen Set.  And, now that she has her own kitchen is engages in pretend play, she loves pretending that she is mixing things with the light up blender, making a hot pot of tea for her teddy bear tea parties, and toasting a piece a bread for her occasion breakfast in bed surprises for me.  With her second birthday right around the corner (July 19th), I wanted to surprise her with another Lakeshore toy, that would not only be fun to play with, but also educational.  So, after browsing through the extensive and wonderful selection of toys for children of all ages (birth - 11 yrs. old), I decided to get the Color Discovery Boxes for her.  The kind folks at Lakeshore sent along a sample for me to review, and like the Little Hands Kitchen Set, Savannah can't get enough of this toy.  

Color Discovery Boxes 
Our fun-filled discovery boxes give tots an irresistible, hands-on way to explore colors! Each box features 4 delightful objects with exciting textures and bold patterns—all featuring the same bright color for plenty of reinforcement. Little ones reach in to explore a soft blue fish, a squeezable red ball and more…and discover each color one at a time. 4 vinyl boxes and accessories are all surface-washable; each box measures 5". AA388 

Savannah, who is 22 months old, loves doing her wood puzzles throughout the day.  When she is not puzzle solving, she is sorting her toys by color, shape, size, etc.  It is amazing how quickly she is learning and how she loves learning new things.  Before I could explain what to do with the Color Discovery Boxes, she had the lids off and the objects in a pile in the middle of the living room floor.  Then, she asked me to sit next to her, while she sorted the larger pile into four smaller piles.  First, she grouped them by object -- crayons in one, balls in another, fruit in another and animals in the fourth.  When she was done, she clapped her hands in excited.  Before I could give her a great big hug, she had quickly pushed the objects back into one large pile again, only to sort them next by color.  When she was done sorting, she put each pile (which consisted of 4 items) into their correct colored boxes, and closed the lids.  At first, she struggled to snugly close the lids, but after several tries, she finally was able to get the hang of it, and it hasn't been an issue since.  

Like I said, we are fans of Lakeshore Learning Toys and this new addition to our Lakeshore collection is a real stand out.  We have only had this sorting set for a few days, but each and every morning, Savannah gets up and heads to the living to sort by color, size and object.  You would think as a toddler, she would get bored with the toy and want to play with something else -- Not when it comes to these Color Discovery Boxes.  Each and every time she plays with them, she is learning new things.  Just today, she began saying "red" and "blue".  And, when I ask her for a certain color, she can give me the objects of that color.  So, not only is she recognizing the colors she sees, but knows the words that go with each color.  When Savannah is not showing me the objects she has sorted, she is sharing these vinyl toys with her little sister, who loves grabbing and passing them from hand to hand.  At 6 months old, she is eager to play with Savannah, and loves being able to sit in her chair and hold and look at these brightly colored, surface washable toys.

This toy will definitely be played with for years to come. And, when Arabella is ready to play with them, I know that Savannah will be there to help teach her little sister about colors, sizes, etc.  So, if you have a young children at home, who is beginning to learn about colors, sorting, etc., why not pick up the Color Discovery Boxes from Lakeshore Learning Materials today.  At only $49.95, this box set is worth the investment, and will be enjoyed by your little ones, just like they have been by Savannah.


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Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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