Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Newman's Own Organics Adds New Sour Licorice Flavors to Their Already Popular Licorice Line (Review)

Newman’s Own Organics expands its licorice line with the introduction of Sour Licorice Twists made with organic ingredients. The four flavors include Sour Apple, Sour Cherry, Sour Mango, and Sour Strawberry. The suggested retail price for the 5 oz. package is $2.99. 

            “We have seen that sour candy has become much more popular recently and we are delighted to offer these tantalizing choices,” says Nell Newman, co-founder and president of Newman’s Own Organics. “Organic sugar and sour crystals, derived from natural citrus sources, on the surface of the twists provides the special taste. With the popularity of our regular twists in Black, Strawberry, and Pomegranate, we felt our customers would also enjoy the chance to try these sour ones that offer a different taste experience.”

            Health conscious consumers will appreciate that the licorice sours are low in fat, sodium, cholesterol free, and contains no trans-fat. Like all of Newman’s Own Organics products the twists contain no artificial ingredients or flavors.


My Thoughts:

I have been a fan of Newman's Own Organics products since moving to CT and finding them readily available on grocery store shelves.  I especially love their chocolate bars, popcorn and dried fruit.  But, my favorite is their line of licorice.  When I first tried their black licorice, I was hooked.  It brought me back to my childhood, when my parents would take my brothers and I to the local 5 &10 store, and let us pick $1.00 worth of penny candy from the glass jars on the counter.  I would always fill a brown paper bag with black licorice and strawberry flavored licorice sticks, to enjoy on the car ride back to our summer home.  Even today, licorice sticks are a weakness of mine.  Don't stick a full bag in front of me, as it will be empty by the time you come back.  My dad got me hooked on putting the licorice in the fridge and enjoying cold.  Mmm, just thinking about it gets me hungry. :-)

So, when I heard that Newman's Own Organics add a new line of sour licorice twists to their already popular licorice line, I had to try them out and see how they tasted.  Did you like sour candies as a kid?  My brothers and I would share a box of sour candies when at the movies.  Not only were they addicting, like potato chips, but they also got you thirsty.  I wondered what the sour apple, cherry and mango twists would taste like, and how they compared to other sour candies and licorice.  

Just the other day, I received a box of samples in the mail.  You should have saw the big smile I had, as I took out each of the packages of licorice, trying to decide which one to sample first.  I tried the sour apple twists first, and loved how they were not overly sour.  Yes, they did make my mouth pucker, but in a good way.  I knew I had two other flavors to try, so I used all my strength to put down the opened package of sour apple twists to move onto the sour mango package.  I am not usually a fan of mango, but found this sour licorice twist to be appealing.  As I was sampling this twist, my husband walked in the door from work.  He would give a better opinion on this flavor, as he loves mango.  Not one to eat licorice, it took him a minute to really enjoy this sweet, yet sour treat.  He said the mango was not that overpowering, and lent itself well with the licorice candy.  As I turned to give Savannah some water, I noticed him taking another twist and eating it. :-)  We were then left with the sour cherry and strawberry flavors to try.   I have to say that the sour cherry ended up being my favorite of the four, and was hard for me to stop at just one.  

In addition to the new sour licorice twist line, I was also sent Newman's Own Organics original licorice line, consisting of pomegranate, strawberry and black licorice.  It was nice to switch up between the two, and make for a great evening snack.  When my dad came to visit the girls the other day, I surprised him with some chilled licorice twists.  He is not usually a fan of sour candy, but loved the four new flavors, especially the sour apple.  They were not overly sour, and were small enough to satisfy your sweet tooth.  

Now, when I pick up licorice from Newman's Own Organics, I will have four additional flavors to choose from.  Decisions...decisions. :-)

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Click here to use the online store locator to find a retailer near you who carries Newman's Own Organics products, including their line of licorice.  In addition, there are a handful of online retailers who sell this trusted brand.

About Newman’s Own Organics

Newman’s Own Organics: The Second Generation  was started in 1993 by co-founders Nell Newman and Peter Meehan as a division of Newman’s Own, becoming a separate company in  2001. Newman’s Own Organics produces a line of popular snack foods including pretzels, cookies, chocolate bars and cups, mints, licorice twists, and popcorn, as well as olive oil, balsamic vinegar, dried fruit, coffee, tea, and pet food. All products are certified by Oregon Tilth to meet the organic standards established by the USDA’s National Organic Products Program. Through the sale of its products, Newman’s Own Organics generates money for The Newman’s Own Foundation to donate to a wide range of charitable organizations. For additional information and retail stores visit www.newmansownorganics.com

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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  1. Great review I love Newman's products as well I have not tired their licorice but I would love to I will have to keep an eye out next time I'm at one of the natural stores.