Saturday, June 2, 2012

Father's Day Gift Giving Guide -- Pool Ball Knobstoppers (Review)

*Picture shown is representative of style, but is not an exact image of your pool ball. *8 balls are rare, therefore we cannot offer them at this time. 

It is only fitting that I offer a wine stopper, to go with the recent wine reviews that I have done.  And, do I have a fun and unique wine stopper, that any Dad would be happy to get this Father's Day -- the Pool Ball Wine stopper from Knobstoppers.  Haven't heard of Knobstoppers?  Not to worry, as I hadn't until I stumbled across their website, while looking for unique gifts to give wine lovers for Father's Day.  As soon as I saw the pool ball wine stopper, I knew this would make for the perfect "guy gift."  What guy doesn't like to shoot pool.  I know, they may not be pool sharks, but if you give a guy a pool cue, he will surely shoot some some pool.  I know this, as my husband used to shoot pool for fun when we were in college.  He didn't know how to rack the balls (or hold the cue stick at first), but he found the game to be exciting -- except when he was shooting the wrong balls into the pockets. :-)  

What guy wouldn't love to receive a pool ball knobstopper with their favorite number or team color?  I was sent the number 2 solid blue Knobstopper to review and loved it.  Even though it is supposed to be part of my Father's Day gift giving guide, I have taken this item for myself.  Why?  Well, my birthday falls on Nov. 2nd and my favorite color is blue.  So, it is only fitting to have a pool ball Knobstopper to use when storing an open wine bottle.  You really need to see these wine stoppers up close.  They are crafted from actual vintage pool balls. Each one has a unique character of it's own. Shades, material, and texture will vary. 

After opening a bottle of wine for dinner the other evening, I added the pool ball stopper to the bottle.  As my husband sat down at the table, his eyes were drawn to the bottle. He thought the stopper was neat, and had never seen anything like this before.  And, when he took it out to pour a glass of wine, he was impressed with the overall quality and feel of the ball.  It was an actual pool ball and had weight to it.  All through dinner, we both admired this unique stopper and bean talking about the good ole days back in college, when we would go play pool with a group of friends for date night.

So, with Father's Day right around the corner, why not surprise Dad with a pool stopper, or even a golf ball stopper from Knobstoppers.  This will be a gift that he will treasure and use for years to come!


Click here to order a pool ball Knobstopper for that special Dad in your life.  While you are there, why not pick up another one of their vintage stoppers, including door knobs and faucets. These stoppers would make for great housewarming or hostess gifts, as well as a gift to give to wine lovers. Prices vary on style.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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