Saturday, June 2, 2012

Father's Day Gift Giving Guide -- Create Stationary for Dad with Your Child's Artwork Thanks to PrintArtKids (Review)

Last month, I shared information about PrintArtKids as part of my Mother's Day Gift Giving Guide.  At that time, I was waiting on my own 5.5 x 8.5 notepads that I had requested, which contained Savannah's first artwork.  Well, it wasn't really a drawing, but it was her first experience using crayons, and she did a great job in filling up the sheet of paper with varying lines of color.  My husband had framed her artwork and hung it on the staircase wall for all to admire.  But, when he was at work one day, I took down the frame and scanned the artwork in, so that Abbe from PrintArtKids could make him a set of notepads for Father's Day.  Stay tuned next month, when I will be featuring Abbe as a Spotlight Mom.

Last week, my order from PrintArtKids arrived.  As I walked back from the mailbox, I couldn't help but tear open the package, as I wanted to see the final product.  A tear came to my eye, as I looked at Savannah's artwork, which adorned the upper left hand corner of the blank 5.5 x 8.5 notepads.  These were happy tears and sad tears, as I realized that my daughter was no longer a baby and was growing up, but also how proud I am of all of her accomplishments thus far.  I know her Daddy is proud of her to, and continues to tell me that she and Arabella are growing up too fast.

I was going to try and keep these notepads from my husband until Father's Day, but had to show him when he arrived home that night.  He loved them just as much as I did, and said he was going to bring a pad to work for his desk.  As a busy mom, I find that making lists helps me to stay organized and on track, and also makes me feel good, when I see all the tasks I completed, crossed off at the end of the day.  I learned this from my father, who uses lists to help him remember what he needs to do.  Now, thanks to the folks at PrintArtKids, my refrigerator and counter are covered with to-do lists and reminders, on a special sheet of paper.  Each time I look at the list for a task to complete or to cross off an item, I can't help but smile as my eyes catch a glimpse of Savannah's artwork.  Abbe sent me a few notepads, so I was even able to surprise my father will one the other night.  He teared up, as he too was proud of his first granddaughter and her drawing.  Now each day when he goes to write his to-do list, he will be reminded of Savannah, and be able to enjoy her drawing.

I can't wait until Savannah and Arabella get a little older and begin creating masterpieces that will cover the refrigerator.  Once this happens, I will definitely be heading back to PrintArtKids to order stationary with their drawings for myself and to use as greeting cards come the holidays.

If you are looking for a special gift to give Dad this Father's Day, why not surprise him with stationary of your child's favorite drawing?  Or, have your child create a special piece just for Dad, and turn it into a greeting card, notepad, etc.  Click here to learn more about the products you can create, just by uploading your child's artwork.  You don't have to be computer savvy to have the folks at PrintArtKids create a keepsake for you.  All you have to do is scan in and share your child's artwork, choose your product (notebooks, notepads, address labels, etc.) and they will do the rest!

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Click here to order personalized stationary for Dad this Father's Day. Note, you have to order by June 4th in order to allow for processing, and to receive your order in time for Father's Day.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.


  1. What a great idea! I am definitely checking this out!

  2. Jill, they are really cool. It is a great way to capture your child's artwork and share. My dad loves his notepad.

  3. Cool idea to get kids involved in making their own gifts. Sure dad would like it better than a tie