Thursday, June 14, 2012

Father's Day Gift Giving Guide -- BBQ Picnic Set for Children to Imitate Dad With (Review)


Barbeque like a pro! It's grillin' time! This BBQ Picnic Set comes with enough goodies for the perfect pretend picnic lunch! Set consists of a portable BBQ stove, condiments, lots of play food & realistic BBQ tools!

Are you buying Dad a grill this year, to replace his older one?  Growing up, my mother would give my father a new grill each year as his Father's Day gift from us.  From frequent use, he would wear it down and need a new one.  I have many fond memories of standing next to my Dad and watching him grill.  This is how I learned to grill, and developed a love to cooking chicken, pizza, veggies and more on the grill, besides the normal hamburgers and hot dogs.  When I moved out on my own, my parents surprised me with a grill of my own.  And, years later, even though I don't have this grill, I own a grill and pull it out every Memorial Day, and use it up until the first frost.

I wish, however, that when I was younger, I would have had a fun BBQ picnic set, like the one below from WonderWorld Toys to play with while my Dad grilled.  I had to wait until I was 12 years old to get next to the grill and learn how to properly operate it.  So, until that time, I would sit in the backyard and watch my dad off in the distance grilling.  He was always happy when he was grilling, as he was proud of his cooking.  With the picnic set above, I could have set up a little table near him, and imitated him. 

But, now that I have this BBQ Picnic Set to share with Savannah, I am excited, as she can sit on the deck near me, and watch me grill up a delicious meal, while pretending to BBQ herself.  When I received this wooden toy the other, Savannah couldn't wait for me to take it out of the box.  Before I had all the pieces out and ready for her, she had already dragged her pretend kitchen set, along with the table and chairs near me, just waiting for me to hand over the pretend toy.  Usually with new toys, she will play with them for an hour or so, and then walk away to pick up something else.  With this set, she get going back for it, each and every day.  And, when I would go outside on the deck to grill, she would have be bring this BBQ set for her to use outside. 

As for pretend tea parties with Daddy, now she switches it up by having a BBQ picnic. You should have seen my husband's amazement at Savannah, as she showed off her BBQ skills and ability to make a great looking sandwich.  What a great way for Daddy's and daughters to bond -- over a tasty pretend BBQ picnic. 

Why not pick this BBQ set up in time for Father's Day and make Dad's day when he is out on the deck cooking?  Children will love to imitate Dad, as they whip together a quick and easy meal with this pretend wooden toy set.  Children will love all the toppings and extras that come with fun and educational set.

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Click here to order the BBQ Picnic Set from WonderWorld Toys online, for only $39.99.  While there, don't forget to check out their other wooden toys for children of all ages.

Disclosure: I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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