Friday, May 4, 2012

Thanks to Dawn Power Clean, I Spend Less Time on Dishes, and More Time with my Family (Review)

The power of an overnight soak
in just 5 minutes.


  • Contains micro-scrubbing enzymes that power through all types of food messes.
  • It’s a powerful dish soap designed to deliver tough grease-fighting power without any need for special steps to your dishwashing routine.
AVAILABLE IN: Refreshing Rain™ and Vibrant Fresh™ scents.

I was recently sent Dawn Power Clean to try out, and just love it.  As you know, I have two daughters under the age of 2, so my time in the kitchen is limited.  The last thing I want to be doing is spending 30-45 minutes scrubbing away at stuck on messes from family lasagna night, chicken caccetorie in the crockpot, etc.  Many nights, I have spent this time scrubbing away at dishes and pots, only to have food remain.  When this happens, I end up leaving the pots and dishes in the sink to soak overnight, only to get up the next morning and begin scrubbing again.

Now, I can finally say that I will not wasting time scrubbing away at dishes, or not cooking favorite meals that I know will stick on pots/pans.  Instead, I simply have to use Dawn Power Clean.  A little squirt, then waiting 5 minutes for it to work, only to finish up with a quick wipe of the pots/pans/dishes, leaving them sparkling and clean.  How great is that?  I know, I didn't expect to have this product work so great, but after repeated use this past week, I have not had to soak my pots/pans/dishes overnight anymore.  And, within 15 minutes, I was able to clean the dishes, making clean up a breeze.  My girls love that I more time for them at nighttime, and I love not having to worry about getting up early the next day, just to clean the leftover dishes. 

 As a result of spending less time scrubbing my dishes, I can now begin to tackle cleaning the kitchen each evening, so that when the weekend rolls around, I have one less room to clean. So, what time-saving techniques do I use to make weekend cleanup a breeze?  Here is my nightly checklist I have been using when tackling the kitchen, after the dishes are done and put away.

1) Wipe down and dry all the countertops.
2) Wipe down the stove, making sure to get rid of any grease or sauce that may have splattered while preparing dinner)
3) Use one of those handy wet mops, and do a once over of the floor, getting up any spills I may have made during prep time, or that Savannah may have made during the day.
4) Dust the cabinets 3-4 nights a week, followed up by a Friday night wood cleaner wipe down.
5) Make a point to put away all dishes, cups, etc. each night, that way the next day, you don't have to worry about this.  This also prevents piling up of dishes to put away, making the kitchen look cleaner.

With these easy 5 steps, I only spend 10-15 minutes more in the kitchen, which is the time I would have put in scrubbing away at dishes.  And, come the weekend, I can walk past the kitchen and not have to worry about cleaning it.  What a great feeling it is to have one less room to tackle.  Try it for youself and let me know if it works for you, too.


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With Dawn’s line of power products, you can get the amazing power of an overnight soak in just five minutes. These products cut grease and dissolve tough foods on your everyday dishes (even the ones you bake in) without the effort of elbow grease!

Dawn Power Clean Dishwashing Liquid:

Discover DAWN’S BEST CLEAN with micro-scrubbing enzymes that power through food messes with ease, from everyday grease to tough lasagna dishes! Dawn Power Clean is available in Refreshing Rain Scent and Vibrant Fresh Scent

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