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Mother's Day Gift Giving Guide -- Thermal-Aid Heating and Cooling Pack (Review and Giveaway)

Thermal-Aid products are a Woman's new best friend...our patented doctor developed, 100% natural therapeutic heating/cooling packs, were designed with Mothers in mind! Unlike anything of its kind, Thermal-Aid products are filled with specially engineered corn that eliminates the worries of mold, fungi and foul odors while allowing the packs to hold temperatures for longer periods of time in comparison to the other products on the market. Thermal-Aid products are also, the only 100% Natural heating and cooling packs that can be washed. Moms and soon-to-be's can now relieve stress, muscle soreness, menstrual cramps, migraines, lactation and all the other discomforts the busy life of womanhood and motherhood can create. But more importantly, we all know there is no greater gift for a mother than having a happy and healthy child! Rest assured, Thermal-Aid products are safe for kids as well and can help relieve their symptoms associated with fevers, stomach aches, bug bites, and growing pains.

My Thoughts:

Thermal-Aid products are truly a women's new best friend (and man's, too)!  I have been using the medium Thermal-Aid Sectional, which the vendor so kindly sent to me for review, for the past couple of weeks now and love it.  What I love best about wrap is that it can be used as a heat wrap or an ice pack.  So, depending on the need or injury, you only have to grab one product.  Since my cancer treatment a few years back, I have been left with muscle spams in my neck and shoulders.  As a result, I need frequent massages and botox injections to these areas, to relieve the spasms and pain.  But, when I can't make it to the doctor's or a masseuse, I rely on heating pads to help ease some of the pain, and added tension in my neck and shoulders.  

I have tried other heat/cold wraps, but don't like their awkward appearance, or they just don't work. Some heat/cold packs have you wet the packs prior to microwaving or freezing.  I find that with these, in time, if they are not dried out properly begin to get musky smelling.  Not good when you have this product close to your skin and nose.  Since receiving the medium Thermal-Aid Sectional from Thermal-Aid, I was finally able to throw out the box of heat and ice wraps I have been storing for emergencies, in addition to the cold packs I had in the freezer, as this sectional is all my family needs.

In addition to using this product for myself, I made sure to have it ready for my husband to use this past Sunday, when he ran his first marathon in Providence, RI.  Prior to the race, I had him icing and heating his legs, to prepare him for the race. And, when he returned home, sore and tired, I whipped the Thermal-Aid sectional from the freezer, which I had been freezing for 6 hrs., and gave it to him, to apply to his legs.  He continued the regime of icing and heating last night and today, and loved how the wrap stayed in place.  When I asked him which he prepared, hot or cold, he responded that he liked the heat pack use of this sectional, as it worked great on his feet, and really kept in the heat for a long period of time.  This cut down on trips to the microwave to re-heat (for both him and I).  And, by the time the girls were in bed last time, he said he felt a vast improvement, thanks to the Thermal-Aid.

So, as you can see, the Thermal-Aid is great for both men and women, as well as children.  Whatever the situation, when you need to reach for a heat or cold pack, why not make sure you have a Thermal-Aid product on hand.  You will find, like we have, that it is the only product you will need.

Why not surprise Mom this Mother's Day with a Thermal-Aid bear or sectional.  It will truly be a gift she will enjoy and find use for, for years to come.

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Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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