Monday, May 14, 2012

Guest Post: New Tool Helps Organize Your Life by Oded Berkowitz


What would you do with 10 extra hours in your week? Spend more time with your children in the yard, make that recipe that you want to try or maybe take in a ball game or a movie. I want to introduce you to a time saving organizational tool called Clipix. I created Clipix as an answer to a real life organizational challenge I was facing. Last year I was planning my new offices, and found myself sending hundreds of emails back and forth to my partners and co-workers with links to different furniture and design ideas. I realized that I needed a tool that would allow me to save and share links, documents, photos and videos with one click, and provide a visual and organized environment for all of those things you want to keep track of online. Clipix was born!

Clipix is a free online and mobile tool that eliminates the need for scouring the internet for all the things you’ve come across and want to get back to – a nice pair of sunglasses you saw online the other day, the great recipe you’ve been meaning to try out, that beach house you were thinking of renting for the summer, etc.

This little video explains how it works. Essentially, you drag a bookmark called the “clip” button to your bookmarks bar. Once your clip button is saved to your toolbar you can click it whenever you see anything online that you want to come back to. Everything you clip will be stored in customized Clipboards on Clipix.

Some cool features: 

·         Keep your clipboards private or show off to the world – Have a birthday shopping list for your son that you want to keep a surprise? Clipix users can keep their Clipboards totally private, share clipboards with only the people they choose, or share them with everyone. Although Clipix is social, it was created for people to use as a personal tool and share with people who care; not just share with anyone for the sake of sharing. In fact, 80% of daily clips go to private Clipboards
·         Syncboards – What better place to keep the carpool schedule than on a Syncboard? The Syncboard feature allows you to “collaboratively clip” with anyone you choose. Everyone with access to a Syncboard can add, edit and delete clips to that board. There is no easier way to schedule, share and collaborate with other busy moms. 
           Price Drop Alert – Find a cute first day of school outfit for your daughter, but don’t want to pay the full retail price? Clipix’s price drop alert function lets you select the price you’re willing to pay, and notifies you when the product hits that price.

·         Clip on the Go – Clear out the recipe box. Photograph recipes with your phone and save them onto your clipboards with Clipix’s free iPhone and Android app. The app lets you clip on the go and access your Clipboards from anywhere.
·         File uploads –Clipix users are not just restricted to items they find online, they can also upload documents from their desktop including photos, videos, Word & Excel documents, and PDFs.
·         Copyright protection – Clipix takes copyright seriously and watermarks each image that is uploaded to Clipix. This ensure users’ online safety when clipping content from the web and protects image owners’ copyrights
·         International – Clipix is available in 12 different languages to provide a native experience to millions of worldwide users.
Clipix can get you organized while saving you precious time. So, stop scouring endless links and start clipping!

-          Oded Berkowitz, Founder and CEO

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