Monday, May 28, 2012

Father's Day Gift Giving Guide -- DennyMike's BBQ Gift Sets (Review)

Give or get the gift of the Best BBQ products around! Our 4-pack box set allows you to customize your favorite products all in one nifty DennyMike's box. Choose any two sauces and any two rubs to create this custom pack; all packaged in a totally adorable branded box with our mini recipe book—ready for giving (and receiving).  Hand Crafted in Maine. Sauces 8.5 oz; Rubs 3oz.  Total Weight approx. 4lbs

My Thoughts:

When putting together my Father's Day Gift Giving Guide, I knew I had to spotlight some great rubs and sauces, for men like my husband and father, who love to cookout and spice up their foods.  When I stumbled across DennyMike's, I fell in love with their 'Cue Lover's Branded Shipper - 4 Pack, which can be customized with your favorite DennyMike's products .  So, when I reach out to them and they agreed to send along a sample for review and inclusion in my gift guide, I couldn't wait to surprise my two favorite men in my life with this box set.  I was sent the above gift box, which included Cow Bell Hell rub, Chick Magnet rub, Mesquit-O Madness Sauce and sweet 'n spicy sauce.

I surprised my husband and father with this gift set last week, when my parents came to visit.  This prompted an unexpected cookout. Here are just a few of the photos my husband and father took of their experience using DennyMike's rubs and sauces.  My father was proud of the grill photos, showing the grill marks he was able to achieve on the steaks.

As we sat down at the table to enjoy steaks and chicken that were rubbed and then grilled with DennyMike's rubs, everyone agreed that the food looked amazing.  As for taste, let's just say that this is one the best BBQ gift sets we have ever tried.  The flavor of each of the rubs and sauces was amazing.  By the end of the meal, the only thing we felt guilty about, was that there weren't any leftovers.  When I asked everyone which rubs and sauces they liked the most, they said it was hard to say, as they liked the unique flavors of each.  But, for me, I loved the cow bell rub.  It added that special kick to the steak.  And, with each bite I took, you could taste the great rub.  Yum!!  As for the BBQ sauce, I loved the sweet and spicy one, which went great with the grilled chicken.  I have since used this sauce to give my homemade baked beans, which I cook in the crock pot a nice twist with this sauce.  My husband, after trying it, asked if I had tried a new recipe, as they tasted great.  I love experimenting like this, and it paid off, as there were no leftovers, and everyone kept reaching for 2nds and 3rd.  Savannah was even licking her plate clean. :-) 

Both my husband and father said the rubs were easy to use and apply and a little went a long way.  As I am writing this, I am looking at the rubs and can say safely say that we can get another 4-5 cookouts out of each container.  Guess what we will be doing this weekend?  Yep, another cookout with DennyMike's rubs and sauces.  And, with my father's birthday right around the corner, I know what I will be getting him for a gift, more rubs and sauces from DennyMike's. When I showed him the website, he said he would love to try DennyMike's Pixie Dust for her stews and chili, as well as the Hot 'N Nasty and the Carolina Style sauces.  If they are anything like the 4 products we sampled, they will be finger licking good!!! :-)

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Click here to visit DennyMike's online store to shop the assortment of sauces, rubs, etc.  And, don't forget to check out the recipes section for great ideas on how to use these products. 

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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