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 Even the “Littlest” Monsters everywhere can now enjoy the newest addition to the Baby Blanket Music collection: Soothing Lullaby Arrangements of Songs Made Famous by Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga has proven to be one of today’s hottest stars.  Incredibly musical, always theatrical and undeniably relevant, she has quickly captured the attention of the entire globe.  Gaga’s catchy songs, provocative music videos and outspoken convictions have made way for a legion of dedicated fans.  Baby Blanket Music’s album features instrumental arrangements of hits such as Just Dance, Poker Face, Bad Romance and The Edge of Glory.

The distinctive Baby Blanket Music collection features unique lullaby arrangements of favorite songs from favorite artists.  Music from Madonna, Michael Jackson, Elton John, Billy Joel, John Mayer, Simon & Garfunkel, Garth Brooks and The Beatles is offered in addition to the new Lady Gaga release.

 “As our line continues to expand, we are excited to introduce the songs of Lady Gaga,” said Josh Rutt, founder and CEO of Baby Blanket Music.  “Arranging these edgy, contemporary tunes in a way that holds true to the Baby Blanket Music sound has been a welcomed challenge and pleasure.”

Created in 2009 by Josh Rutt, New York-based teacher, composer and performer, Baby Blanket Music was developed under the guidance of a wide range of doctors, teachers and child development specialists.  As his closest friends began having children, Rutt carefully observed and participated in their babies’ development.  He soon discovered that there was room for improvement in the quality of baby music that was available on the market.  As a result, Rutt set out to create a distinctive line of music designed to appeal to babies, parents and grandparents alike.  A lifelong student of music with a dynamic career focused on working with children, his development of Baby Blanket Music came naturally.

Designed to soothe while enhancing the enjoyment and cognition of music, Baby Blanket Music features familiar baby sounds like vibraphones and music boxes paired with a full medley of rich, classical instruments including strings, woodwinds, pianos, harps and soft percussion.  Together, these instrumental arrangements create gentle textures that are calming and enjoyable to ears of any age.

Enjoyable hits found on the other Baby Blanket Music albums are The Beatles’ Hey Jude and Let It Be; Madonna’s Holiday and Material Girl; Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and Man in the Mirror; Billy Joel’s Piano Man and Uptown Girl; Elton John’s Tiny Dancer and Your Song; John Mayer’s Daughters and Why Georgia; Garth Brooks’ Callin’ Baton Rouge and Friends In Low Places and Simon & Garfunkel’s Bridge Over Troubled Water and Mrs. Robinson.

Baby Blanket Music is available at specialty juvenile product retailers in the U.S. and Canada, select online retailers including iTunes and at  Recommended retail for each of the nine CD’s in the collection (Garth Brooks, The Beatles, Billy Joel, Elton John, Madonna, Michael Jackson, John Mayer, Simon & Garfunkel and Lady Gaga) is $14.99. 

About Baby Blanket Music

Founded by Josh Rutt, New York-based Baby Blanket Music offers a collection of albums featuring soothing lullaby arrangements of songs made famous by well-known artists.  A graduate of Duke University with a major in music, Rutt, a teacher, composer and performer selects popular music and arranges it with care on each Baby Blanket Music album.  For more information, visit
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