Monday, April 30, 2012

Welcome in Spring with a Good Book -- Ivy + Bean Paper Doll Play Set

Ivy and Bean Paper Doll Play Set 

7 x 9-1/2 in; 2 paper dolls, 1 double-sided backdrop, 90 vinyl clings pp;
Published in October, 2011
ISBN 9781452102795
ISBN10 1452102791


Ivy and Bean are always up to something. Whether they’re playing tricks on Bean’s older sister, doing good deeds that turn bad, or even trying to solve global warming, their adventures are always hilarious and filled with surprises! Now fans can reenact the duo’s escapades (or create new ones!) with these Ivy and Bean stand-up paper dolls. Also included are two sturdy play scenes for displaying the dolls or acting out their adventures, plus reusable vinyl stickers of colorful clothes, silly hats, and all kinds of items for getting into mischief—like an octopus in a bucket!

My Thoughts:

I remember as a child playing with paper dolls.  The first set my grandmother got me for my 8th birthday.  How do I remember this?  I still have one of the dolls today, which my mother wrote the date on the foot, and I have kept in a scrapbook, which contains many of my childhood memories.  I loved playing with these paper dolls, as it was fun playing dress up and switching up the clothes simply by folding the tabs over the doll.  Being young and constantly playing with these dolls, the folds would eventually give way, making the clothes not be able to stay on the dolls.  When this happened, I would have to get a new set of dolls and clothing.  Over time, my doll play shifted to porcelain dolls and clown dolls, that my grandmother would give to me.  She loved dolls, and even as an adult had them on her bed.  When we would go and visit her, she would let me look at her collection, and on occasion, hold a few.  What great memories I had of these times. 

So, when I saw the Ivy + Bean paper doll sets offered through Chronicle Books, I had to get a set and see if they were the same as when I was a child, or if they were improved.  First, the biggest difference I noticed was that these dolls were made of stronger board, so that they would keep their shape.  Also, they had a piece in the feet that made them stand up.  As for the clothing, instead of paper clothes, which I had to color before and then fold the tabs over the dolls, these new dress up dolls had 100 reusable vinyl stickers, that could be removed and reused.  I couldn't believe how easy to apply, remove and reapply these stickers were.  And, to add to the fun, this set also included two fold out scenes, which really would spark a young girl's imagination, when playing with her Ivy + Bean dress up dolls.  

I have to say, that comparing the two dress up dolls, I am loving these new and improved ones.  The facial features are so lifelike, and the vinyl sticker clothing and accessories are hip and fun.  Young girls will have a great time playing with these paper dolls.  I can't wait to share these with Savannah and Arabella, and show them my paper doll that my grandmother gave to me as a child.  Thanks to the Ivy + Bean dress up doll sets, I now have a way to share one of my fondest childhood memories with my girls.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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