Saturday, April 28, 2012

Unveiling the Brand New Junie B. Jones Website

You have heard about the 20th Anniversary edition of Junie B. Jones and the Stupid Smelly Bus. Now check out the BRAND NEW website of the bestselling series that has sold over 52 million copies in all formats! is THE place to go for all things Junie B!
Highlights include:
  • Junie B. Jones Jokes (where kids can share their favorite funnies)
  • A Photo Activity with Junie B. ( where grownups can upload a photo of their favorite child and put them next to Junie!)
  • Food Fight Game with Junie B. (be careful.. It's addicting! You can actually have a Food Fight with Junie B and friends)
  • A special 20th anniversary page with printables and sneak peeks of all our favorite  Junie B Jones books  and more.
  • A scrapbook where you can meet all of Junie B.’s friends!
AND, check out the new Junie B Jones Facebook page at, where fans will learn news about the series and access exclusive printables!  


  1. My daughter love this website so much because it's very playful and interactive. She likes every feature of this site even the Los Angeles SEO box. Thanks for the makers of Junie B.

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