Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Two Giveaways Perfect for Springtime!


Wyler’s Light helps you say “no” to high–calorie drinks such as soda or juice drinks and “yes” to tasty refreshing drinks in a variety of family–favorite flavors. Wyler’s Light only has five calories per serving which makes it easy for everyone to drink lots of water and stay hydrated. And for family members on the go, try Wyler’s Light Singles to go! Add a stick to your water bottle for a refreshing drink anytime, anywhere.
FlavorIce Two giveaways perfect for Springtime!

About Fla-Vor-Ice: America’s favorite freezer pop brand for over 40 years! Offering a variety of flavors and sizes that makes it the perfect frozen treat for all ages.

Right now Wyler’s Light and Fla-Vor-Ice are both hosting giveaways where winners are chosen at random on a daily basis. Check out both for your chance to win!

Enter Wyler’s Light giveaway here.
Enter Fla-Vor-Ice’s giveaway here.

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