Monday, April 30, 2012

Mother's Day Gift Giving Guide -- Kusmi Tea (Review)

Kusmi Tea
Assortment of five afternoon blends in mini tins

Mother's Day is coming quickly. Many like to “say it with Flowers” and offer Mom a bouquet every year. But this year, it's time for innovation. You can still say it with flowers, but this year, tell Mom how much she means to you with flower-based blends from Kusmi Tea. Over the past 140 years, Kusmi Tea has perfected the art of blending unique teas distinguished by their exceptional flavor, aroma and quality. Invigorating to all senses, each aspect is glorified by master blenders at Kusmi, ensuring the smallest detail is never overlooked. To celebrate the most important woman in your life, Kusmi Tea selected the most delicate and tasteful flowers in order to make the tea as perfect as her: Rose Green Tea: The symbol of love is roses. This green tea is rolled in rose petals, which gives it a delicate, natural flavor and scent. Just launched last year, this is also an ideal iced tea blend! Violet: Is modesty what represents your mother? Then offer her the Chinese black tea flavored with violet petals. Jasmine Green Tea: Your mother is kind and you want to tell her that. Offer this Chinese green tea flavored with jasmine blossoms. Bouquet of Flowers: Tsar Nicolas II regularly drank Bouquet of Flowers N°108 right up to the Russian revolution. Show your mother that today and always she is the queen of your life. A blend of black teas from China, Sri Lanka and India flavored with bergamot, citrus fruit and flower petals.

And for those Moms who are really into beauty and wellness, try the Wellness Assortment, including Kusmi's best-selling blends in miniature sized tins that offer amazing health benefits. Blends within the Wellness line include Detox (Kusmi's best-seller and a favorite of Lady Gaga), Boost, Sweet Love, Algotea and Be Cool.

My Thoughts:

I was sent the following Kusmi Tea blends to try out, .  Prior to this review, I was not aware of the Kusmi brand, nor had sampled their tea blends before.  Boy, was I missing out on some great tea.  When I am not having a cup of jo in the AM to help wake myself up and get me ready to take on the day, with two children under the age of 2 in toe, I am enjoying 1-2 cups of tea a day.  I prefer Chinese green tea, not only for its antioxidants, but also for the great taste.  So, when heard that Kusmi offered a Rose Green Tea, I just hard to try it out. This green tea is rolled in rose petals, which gives it a delicate, natural flavor and scent. I loved the floral taste of this classic tea, which Kusmi suggests to drink during the afternoon.  The subtle rose flavor really adds to the green tea taste, making it a tasty tea to consume and smell as you raise your cup to your mouth.  As for the Violet black tea, I am not usually a black tea drinker, but wanted to see how this tasted.  This black tea with violet petals smelled so good right out of the box. Upon preparing a cup of this and the Rose Green Tea, I was able to see that Kusmi uses fresh ingredients, which make for a great cup of tea.

My mother was over the other day visiting and was in the mood for a black tea.  I had run out of her earl grey tea, and substituted the Violet black tea, without telling her.  As soon as she took her first sip, she was an instant fan.  And, over the course of the weekend, continually asked for more.  When she turned home, she told me that she went online and ordered a few boxes of this blend and others that sounded tasty, to enjoy.  She also said that once she receives the tea in the mail, she will set a box aside to bring down and keep at my house.  I am so glad not only myself, but my mother was able to enjoy Kusmi teas, as we sat back and watched the girls play, while having a little girl talk of our own. :-)

So, with Mother's Day right around the corner, why not surprise your Mom with some tea from Kusmi tea?  Or, order some and have on hand for her visits, as well as to offer to other family and friends who enjoy a good cup of tea.


Kusmi Teas, come packaged beautifully in classic tins and available in muslin tea bags (a box of 20 Muslin tea bags sells for $14.90 and a beautifully-decorated 3.5 oz tin sells for $18.40), can be purchased on

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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