Monday, April 23, 2012

Make Money on Those Unused Gift Cards You Have Laying Around the House

"How to Sell Your Gift Card"

With another increase in gas prices, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day fast approaching, is money tight this time of year? Many people have looked at ways to save money, let it be using coupons, selling unwanted items, or staying in more often.  But, what about all those gift cards you have laying around the house, that have unclaimed cash values?  On average, $20 billion worth of gift cards go unused every year. Do you have some of these?

Selling gift cards online has never been easier. CouponTrade, the first consumer driven secondary gift card marketplace, helps its users get up to 100% of their gift card’s value.

It’s easy to sell a gift card on giveaway, since it can be done in a four-step process:

1. Sign up for a CouponTrade account and include a verified PayPal account
2. Once logged in, click “sell” and list your gift cards information.
Hint: CouponTrade does not buy gift cards direct from the consumer – consumers buy from other consumers.
3. Set the price you want to receive for the card.
Hint: Check out the marketplace to see what price is being offered and adjust your price frequently.
4. When the gift card sells, an email confirmation and prepaid shipping label requiring the seller to ship within 48 hours is also sent.

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