Thursday, April 5, 2012

Dum Dums welcomes two new flavors into its iconic flavor mix; Fruit Punch and Dulce de Leche (Review)


The two flavors are the result of online flavor voting at and extensive research from the Dum Dums flavor laboratory.

New and improved Fruit Punch rejoins the Dum Dums flavor mix after going on vacation in 2002. Fruit Punch is an exceptionally popular flavor in children's juice and candy products. Dulce De Leche is a popular flavor in many Latin American countries. Its literal translation is "milk candy", although its taste is commonly compared to creamy caramel.

For those looking for their favorite
Dum Dums flavor, 1 lb single flavor tubs are available at and Consumers can also go to the Dum Dums site to vote for their favorite flavor and submit suggestions for new flavors.

My Thoughts:

I was sent containers of these two new flavors, thanks to the folks at Spangler Candy. I was excited when I heard about these flavors and began reminiscing about visits to my grandmother's house, where she would have a glass candy dish filled with Dum Dums.  As soon as we would arrive at her house, my brothers and I would head straight to the dining room, to the candy dish, and see what flavors she had.  My favorites were root beer, watermelon and cherry, while both of my brothers liked the grape and sour apple pops.  And, now 20+ years later, Dum Dums are still around, and every time I bring Savannah to the bank with me, she gets a Dum Dums.  It is nice to see candy from back in the day, popular with today's generation.  And, to keep it current, Dum Dums added these two new flavors.  Both my husband and I tried the two flavors last night and agreed that the fruit punch Dum Dums was our favorite.  My husband was surprised to see a Dulce de Leche flavor.  He said it reminded him of sweets his grandmother would prepare in El Salvador as a child.  As we watched our daughter playing with our dogs in the backyard, we were sucking on our Dum Dums and talking about flavors we enjoyed as a child.  My husband was introduced to this popular candy when he came to this country, and like my daughter, received a sample at the bank.  I told him about my grandmother's candy dish, and then later last night, showed him the bowl, as it was passed down to me.  I have made a point each Halloween to pick up Dum Dums for the local treat or treaters, and can't wait to hand out these new flavors to them this year.

If you love Dum Dums, you have to check out these two new flavors.  I can't wait to hear which one is your favorite.

About Spangler Candy Company

In business since 1906,
Spangler Candy's line of quality confections includes Dum Dums®, Saf-T-Pops®, Circus Peanuts and Marshmallow Treats, Spangler® Candy Canes, and Valentine, Easter, Halloween & Christmas candies.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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