Monday, April 30, 2012

Sneak Peek at Little Women Big Cars Digital Series Coming to AOL on May 7th


First of Six Series with Vuguru to Launch on AOL On Parenting; Features 15 Episodes
Announced at AOL’s NewFront Event in New York City

AOL and Vuguru, an independent studio founded by Michael Eisner that finances world-class story-driven content for digital and emerging platforms, today announced the premiere of Little Women Big Cars. In honor of, and timed to Mother’s Day, the series will debut on May 7, 2012 on AOL On Parenting. AOL gave more than 450 brand advertisers, marketers, agencies, digital and TV media buyers a sneak peek of the new series at its Digital Content NewFront today in New York City. 

Set in New Jersey, Little Women Big Cars centers around four devoted soccer moms struggling to balance their busy schedules, family lives and sanity. New episodes will air weekly.

Meet the Cast
·         Meg (Amy Yasbeck, Wings, Hot in Cleveland), an over achieving people pleaser who, as a stay at home mom, takes on every school project
·         Barbara (Julie Warner, Crash, Nip/Tuck), a recent divorcee, lawyer and reluctant new soccer mom
·         Rocky (Kristy Swanson, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Psych) a high-maintenance, materialistic diva and kept wife
·         Connie (Romy Rosemont, Glee), a curvaceous and big-hearted mother and Rocky’s side-kick
·         Mr. Hughes (Ed Begley Jr., Portlandia, The New Adventures of Old Christine), school Principal with whom Meg is constantly trying to be in good graces
·         A.J. (Antonio Sabato, Jr., Melrose Place, The Bold and the Beautiful), the handsome, recently divorced soccer coach
·         Woody (Alexis Denisof, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Angel ) – Meg’s husband
When the women set Barbara up on a date with their kids’ handsome and recently divorced soccer coach, the blossoming relationship forces the other women to re-examine their own marriages.  Their friendship is further tested when it comes time to compete for spots in the school’s gifted program.  Will the women realize their bond is truly stronger than they ever imagined? From bake sales and soccer games, to gossip and divorce, these four moms will navigate the comedy and drama of suburban life.
Little Women Big Cars is directed by Melanie Mayron and is created by Sherry Coben. Coben is best known for creating the hit 80’s sitcom “Kate & Allie”. 

About AOL
AOL Inc. (NYSE: AOL) is a brand company, committed to continuously innovating, growing, and investing in brands and experiences that inform, entertain, and connect the world. The home of a world-class collection of premium brands, AOL creates original content that engages audiences on a local and global scale. We help marketers connect with these audiences through effective and engaging digital advertising solutions.

About Vuguru
Vuguru LLC is an independent studio that develops and finances scripted, story-driven content for digital and international platforms. Founded by Michael D. Eisner’s Tornante Company and backed by Canada’s Rogers Media, the company brings premium content opportunities to distribution partners, enabling them to bring premium original content to their audiences. Vuguru programming has been distributed in over 40 countries around the world, and in 2010, the company structured a first-of-its-kind international sales & distribution commitment for ten projects with UK-based Content Media Corporation. In the US, Vuguru has a six-project licensing and distribution deal with AOL. 

Vuguru’s inaugural series Prom Queen pioneered the online serial space with its unique format and distribution. Most recently, Vuguru’s The Booth at the End was licensed to Rogers Media for multi-platform distribution in Canada, FOX International Channels for distribution across its entire network of pay-TV channels and online sites, and Hulu for streaming distribution in the US. Additional Vuguru series include Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell; Pretty Tough; The Millionaire Tour; Nuclear Family, Off Season, Little Women BIG CARS, Fetching, Crawlspace and the Emmy-nominated Back on Topps.
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Welcome in Spring with a Good Book -- Ivy + Bean Paper Doll Play Set

Ivy and Bean Paper Doll Play Set 

7 x 9-1/2 in; 2 paper dolls, 1 double-sided backdrop, 90 vinyl clings pp;
Published in October, 2011
ISBN 9781452102795
ISBN10 1452102791


Ivy and Bean are always up to something. Whether they’re playing tricks on Bean’s older sister, doing good deeds that turn bad, or even trying to solve global warming, their adventures are always hilarious and filled with surprises! Now fans can reenact the duo’s escapades (or create new ones!) with these Ivy and Bean stand-up paper dolls. Also included are two sturdy play scenes for displaying the dolls or acting out their adventures, plus reusable vinyl stickers of colorful clothes, silly hats, and all kinds of items for getting into mischief—like an octopus in a bucket!

My Thoughts:

I remember as a child playing with paper dolls.  The first set my grandmother got me for my 8th birthday.  How do I remember this?  I still have one of the dolls today, which my mother wrote the date on the foot, and I have kept in a scrapbook, which contains many of my childhood memories.  I loved playing with these paper dolls, as it was fun playing dress up and switching up the clothes simply by folding the tabs over the doll.  Being young and constantly playing with these dolls, the folds would eventually give way, making the clothes not be able to stay on the dolls.  When this happened, I would have to get a new set of dolls and clothing.  Over time, my doll play shifted to porcelain dolls and clown dolls, that my grandmother would give to me.  She loved dolls, and even as an adult had them on her bed.  When we would go and visit her, she would let me look at her collection, and on occasion, hold a few.  What great memories I had of these times. 

So, when I saw the Ivy + Bean paper doll sets offered through Chronicle Books, I had to get a set and see if they were the same as when I was a child, or if they were improved.  First, the biggest difference I noticed was that these dolls were made of stronger board, so that they would keep their shape.  Also, they had a piece in the feet that made them stand up.  As for the clothing, instead of paper clothes, which I had to color before and then fold the tabs over the dolls, these new dress up dolls had 100 reusable vinyl stickers, that could be removed and reused.  I couldn't believe how easy to apply, remove and reapply these stickers were.  And, to add to the fun, this set also included two fold out scenes, which really would spark a young girl's imagination, when playing with her Ivy + Bean dress up dolls.  

I have to say, that comparing the two dress up dolls, I am loving these new and improved ones.  The facial features are so lifelike, and the vinyl sticker clothing and accessories are hip and fun.  Young girls will have a great time playing with these paper dolls.  I can't wait to share these with Savannah and Arabella, and show them my paper doll that my grandmother gave to me as a child.  Thanks to the Ivy + Bean dress up doll sets, I now have a way to share one of my fondest childhood memories with my girls.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.
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Get Kids Up & Active This Spring with Zing Toys! (Review and Giveaway)

Take high-action fun to new heights with Zing Air. Own the air space with a far-flying, air-blasting array of high-performance fliers and foam shooters. Aim it, launch it, fling it, float it, fly it!

This spring, Zing® Toys is on a mission to get kids off the couch (or smartphone) and outside with the new line of Air Strom products - promoting healthy lifestyles for those seeking the ultimate experience in play-value excitement! 

As soon as kids unleash Zing’s new Air Storm line, they’ll have foam ammo flying in more ways than they can imagine! Hit top heights with Pop Rocketz or nail the bull’s-eye with the Z-X Crossbow. These Zing products pack a major punch in a stealth size. Take your pick--the Air Storm arsenal is loads of fun with several ways to play. 

The Z-X CrossBow will stick it to ya’. The Power Swing technology enables the bow arms to pop open for action and send super-soft suction cup Zartz flying. Lock ‘n’ load the soft foam ammo for anytime-action. Pull the trigger to hit and stick targets from over 45 feet! Built-in ammo clips keep extra Zartz ready to fire at a moment’s notice. ($19.99, 8+)

Take aim with the Zip-Bak Bow, a long range bow that sends foam arrows flying over 95 feet! This compact shooter transforms for firing with Power Swing technology--check the tech! Ready, aim, fire as the bow arms pop open for extra action and added punch. Soft foam Z-Arrows fly right on target and feature bounce-back action--catch them on the fly! ($14.99, 8+)

The Z-Curve Bow is the ultimate in long-range foam archery, blasting targets from over 125 feet! Choose your ammo--the Z-Curve Bow fires far-flying foam Z-Arrows and stick-anywhere suction cup Zartz. Hook in your ammo, line up the shot and let it fly! Includes Zip Clip ammo holder to keep your extra arrows at hand. ($19.99, 8+)

Prepare for take-off with the Air Storm Pop Rocketz! This pocket-sized, take-anywhere, air-powered rocket launcher blasts foam rockets that soar more than 50 feet! Real rocket launch action that’s safe for indoors and out. ($4.99, 5+)

 My Thoughts:

The one thing my husband misses about not having a boy is that he can't relive some of his favorite childhood memories of playing with his GI Joe dolls and using water guns with his brothers.  Instead, he has traded in these activities for tea parties and dress up and dancing. :-)  But, when his nephew comes to visit, he has a secret stash of "boys toys," ready to pull out and enjoy.  One of these toys is the new Z-Curve Bow from Zing Toys.  I know what you must be thinking, a cross bow for a little boy -- "Isn't that dangerous?"  Thanks to the folks of Zing Toys, this popular spring toy uses foam for the bow and arrows, preventing young children from getting hurt.  They can learn the art of cross bow, while getting out and getting exercise.  

Zing Toys is offering 3 different types of bows for children to choose from.  I was sent the Z-Curve bow to have my husband use and review.  Never having shot a bow and arrow before, he wasn't sure if he would be a good reviewer candidate.  But, after reading the easy to understand directions, he was firing his foam arrows across the yard.  He couldn't believe the distance these arrows got. And, after 20 minutes of play, I had to drag him in the house for dinner.  

It has been over a week since he began using this hot, new toy, and every time my nephew comes over, he asks to play with this toy with my husband.  Are you looking for a fun way to get your children to get outdoors this spring/summer?  Why not get them one of the above foam bow and arrow toys from Zing Toys?  They even offer Pop Rocketz, also made of foam, which can reach up to 50 feet in the air.

---BUY NOW---

The new line of Air Storm will be available at mass retail outlets including Target, Walmart and Toys ‘R’ Us in Spring 2012. 


One lucky reader will win a Pop Rocketz, thanks to the folks at Zing Toys.  Use the Rafflecopter form below to enter.  Good luck!

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