Tuesday, March 27, 2012

The Tooth Fairy Connection -- "Helping the Tooth Fairy Distribute the Magic!" (Review)

My daughters are not old enough to need the tooth fairy right now, but when they do, I can't wait to see the look on their faces, when they find these gold coins left under their pillows.  I was so excited when I stumbled upon these coins a few weeks ago, that I had to share these coins and the story behind them with you.

The Tooth Fairy Legend

The legend of the tooth fairy is a prized one in American culture. But, where did this legend come from?  The following article describes the conventions and possible origins of the tooth fairy.

The tooth fairy comes when a child has lost a tooth. Commonly, she is very small, and she comes in the middle of the night. The child is to leave the tooth under his/her pillow, so that the tooth fairy can take it during her visit. Once she has taken the tooth, she leaves monetary reimbursement under the pillow, anything from ten cents to a dollar. (This action is done by a parent.) The teeth are then taken to her tower, and used for her purposes.

Pictures of the tooth fairy have been captured in everything from storybooks to art. The painter Maxfield Parrish is said to have depicted her once in the corner of a painting. Fairies in general are generally considered to be great influences in art, and folklore and legend surround each fairy tale. It is reasonable to think that the tooth fairy legend originated from a place where folklore and legend are tradition, namely, England or Ireland.

At last, the Tooth Fairy has her own coin...

And, it is available for you to help celebrate the magic of those precious childhood transitions!

The Tooth Fairy Coin Set contains 20 professionally minted, golden coins in a rich forest green velour bag. One coin for each tooth a child loses. The Tooth Fairy Coins were designed and patented by Montana Artist, Dawn Duane Evans. They have the weight and feel of US currency, yet the beauty and magic young children believe in. Each coin is 1.73 inches, larger than a quarter, smaller than a fifty cent piece.

These coins are a keepsake...
  • Provide an opportunity to meaningfully participate in your child's life.
  • Perfect gift for baby showers.
  • A fun way for Grandma and Grandpa to get in on the action too, because you never know when or where a tooth is going to come out!
  • Tooth Fairy coins from ToothFairyCoin.com are great gifts for your children who still believe that dreams do come true.
We will never know the true story behind the Tooth Fairy, as different cultures have their own take on lost teeth and the Tooth Fairy. But, no matter what legend you believe, these unique Tooth Fairy coins will help carry on the tradition and magic of the Tooth Fairy in your household, with each tooth lost.  I can't get over how beautiful each gold coin is.  I would have loved to have received these coins when I was little, as it would have made me believe in the Tooth Fairy longer.  Legends like the Tooth Fairy and Santa Claus are what add to the innocence of children.  Watching them in awe when these fictitious people are talked about, will put a smile on any parent's face.  And, with these coins, I know my daughters will believe in the magic of the Tooth Fairy for years to come, as they loose their teeth and transition from child to young adult, and collect a coin for each tooth lost.  These coins will definitely make for special keepsakes that will be cherished by both parent and child.


Click here to order your own Tooth Fairy Coin Set, which contains 20 professionally minted, golden coins.  These coin sets, which retail for only $24.00, plus S&H,  make great gifts for children who believe, for first time parents and those looking for a special way to commemorate their child losing their teeth and growing up.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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