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Tieman's Coffee, 100% Natural, Whole Superfood Antioxidants -- Better Coffee, Better for You!(Review)

Do you drink coffee for the taste, or for a caffeine fix? Have you ever poured a cup of jo thinking it was healthy for you?  "Healthy coffee?  Yeah, right?" Well, I stumbled across a coffee that not only boosts your energy (which is sought after by most coffee drinkers), but also is healthy for you.  Tieman's Coffee is fused with 100% natural super antioxidants, making it a better coffee choice for you.  And, in my opinion, this coffee tastes better than most others on the market.

What Makes Tieman's Coffee Stand Out from the Rest?

A cup of Tieman’s coffee may be the healthiest drink you have all day. In fact, an 8 oz. cup of our coffee scored over 17,000 ORAC units (the scale for antioxidants) which is equal to 4 servings of fresh blueberries, 5 cups of green tea or 3 glasses of pomegranate juice. All in a great tasting cup of Joe. This makes our coffee a super food!

So – what do antioxidants do and why are they so good for you?

Antioxidants protect the body from damage caused by harmful molecules called free radicals. Many experts believe this damage is a factor in the development of blood vessel disease (atherosclerosis), cancer, and other health problems.

To help your body protect itself Mother Nature provides thousands of different antioxidants in various fruits, vegetables, whole grains, nuts, and legumes. When your body needs to put up its best defense, like it does in today’s environment, antioxidants are vital and have been shown to support a healthy heart, mind and immune system.

We’ve choose only the best superfoods and fuse them with our premium select 100% arabica beans to create a better tasting cup of coffee, that’s better for you.


Tieman’s Fusion Coffees™ contains:
  • 5 times more antioxidants than a cup of green tea
  • 4 times more antioxidants than a serving of Blueberries
  • 3 times more antioxidants than glass of Pomegranate juice
  • 4 times more antioxidants than Dark Chocolate

Nothing artificial, no extracts. Our Fusion Process “locks in” more coffee flavor and a big portion of healthy benefits, all in a great tasting cup of coffee.

Taste is very important. It had to taste great, not just be great for you. At Tieman’s we carefully select our fusion ingredients for superior taste, aroma, and superior health benefits.

And because we use 100% Natural Whole Superfood Antioxidants, there are many additional health benefits.

Coffee Beans
100% Premium select Arabica beans, fused with our 100% Natural 
Whole Super Foods: Matcha, Goji, and Rooibos, in our patent 
pending "Fusion Process" delivers incomparable smoothness, 
and rich, full-bodied flavor. Medium, Medium Decaf, Semi Dark, 
and Dark.
Matcha Matcha The Ceremonial Japanese Green Tea, shade grown in select 
regions of Japan. Hand picked and slowly stone ground to
 preserve the antioxidants and nutrients which are 100 times
 greater than any steeped green tea.
The super food of the Himalayas, and Buddhist lore. 
The Goji Berry, an amazing super food, loaded with 
antioxidants and rare minerals, known for sustaining 
high energy and endurance, it is also called the happy berry.
The herbal “Red Tea” from South Africa – exotic and wild. 
Dutch settlers discovered what the native people of South 
Africa have known for centuries, that Rooibos possesses 
amazing health properties.

Flavors Available:

Tieman’s Dark Fusion Plus Goji is considered by many dark coffee lovers as the best French roast they’ve ever had. Fused with Japanese Matcha green tea, South African Rooibos, and Mongolian Goji Berries, Tieman’s Dark Fusion not only delivers a healthy dose of antioxidants and benefits, it is also smoother and more flavorful than a traditional dark roast coffee - making it ultra smooth on the palette. A great iced coffee! 10oz. bag

Tieman’s Medium Fusion Plus Goji, is the coffee that started it all, it is so popular that we now fuse ALL our coffees with Goji! Our selection of estate Arabica beans is fused with Japanese Matcha green tea, South African Rooibos, and Mongolian Goji Berries. You should try it iced! And yes, loaded with antioxidants and other great properties. 10oz. bag.

Tieman’s Medium D-Fusion Decaf Plus Goji. The world’s only decaf that can help you get going in the morning WITHOUT caffeine™. (see our ingredients page to know why). 100% Columbian select Arabica beans, naturally water decaffeinated, Fused with: Japanese Matcha green tea, South African Rooibos, and Mongolian Goji Berries, for a one-of-a-kind decaf that is smooth, and has rich satisfying taste and aroma. You or your friends will never know it’s decaf. (99.8% Caffeine free) Just as high in antioxidants and great health benefits as the other Tieman’s coffees. Also fantastic iced! 10oz. bag

This great Tieman's coffee is available in whole bean for those who prefer to "grind their own". Our selection of 100% estate Arabica beans fused with Japanese Matcha green tea, South African Rooibos, and Mongolian Goji Berries. You should try it iced! And yes, loaded with antioxidants and other great properties. 10 oz. bags.


My Thoughts:

The kind folks at Tieman's Coffee sent me a sampling of each of the above blends to try out, and I have to say that I am loving these coffees, which are fused with 100% natural super antioxidants.  Prior to learning about Tieman's and doing this review, I wasn't aware of a coffee brand that offered super antioxidant infused blends.  With a health education background, I would always tell coffee drinkings to watch their caffeine intake for certain health conditions. Many would drink coffee for the caffeine jolt, but not like the crashing feeling as the caffeine wears off.  When I suggested that they switch to decaf, you should have seen their reactions.  They couldn't give up their caffeine fix in the AM, as this is what got them going.  If only I knew about Tieman's Coffee back then and could offer this brand up as a healthy alternative.

Now that my girls are getting up at 7AM or earlier every day (that is, after getting up 1-2 times in the night), I find myself making a cup or two of dark coffee in the AM, to help get me moving. Before this, I was a fan of medium or decaf coffees, as I liked the more subtle blends and little to no caffeine effects.  But, as a busy mom on the go, I have now turned to dark coffee in the AM.  What I love most about Tieman's Dark ground blend is that it is so flavorful and smooth.  It doesn't leave a bitter aftertaste like some other dark blends I have tried.  I also like that it is fused with Japanese Matcha green tea and Goji berries.  You really can't taste each of these additions individually, but I think this is was lends itself to the smoother, richer taste.  

Even though I prefer to buy whole bean coffee and grind when needed to achieve a fresher cup of coffee, I find nowadays that ground coffee works best when I am rushing to brew a fresh cup of jo in AM before the girls get up.  With Tieman's ground coffee, each cup tastes like I just ground the whole beans, which is amazing.  

My husband and mother (who only drinks decaf), joined me in reviewing these coffees, and also agreed on the flavor and texture of each blend.  I told them about he added antioxidants to see if they could taste a difference.  Both loved the aroma of the blends they sampled, in addition to how rich and fresh each freshly brewed cup tasted.  My husband said that he felt a little boost in his energy level and wondered if it was from the Goji berries?  Usually after drinking a strong cup of dark coffee, he would get a quick jolt of energy, only to find it pass 10-15 minutes.  But, after drinking a cup of Tieman's dark roast, he said his energy level significantly improved and lasted a few hours.  He loved this feeling, and how he didn't have to run to the bathroom to brush the residual taste of stale or bitter coffee from his palette.  

In the end, I am so glad I had an opportunity to try Tieman's Coffee, powered by Fusion Super Antioxidants.  After having been drinking this for the past few weeks, I had a cup of coffee at a friend's house, and couldn't believe the difference.  It felt like I was drinking mud, compared to the ultra smooth texture and rich flavor of Tieman's, I have grown to love.  I ended up having my girlfriend over the next day to sample Tieman's, and she too, loved the taste of the medium and dark roasts.  And, having super antioxidants was only an added bonus.  I will definitely be recommending Tieman's Coffee now on!

 ---BUY NOW---

Click here to order Tieman's Coffee directly from their website.  Tieman's offers whole bean and ground coffees of their dark, medium and decaf blends.

About the Founder: 

David Tieman has been helping people achieve greater health and wellness for over 24 years. He has been a teacher, personal trainer, nutritionist and dietician and a preconception specialist. He’s also an inventor and all around positive guy.

With a passion to help others and a natural gift for creating innovative and healthy products, Tieman’s Fusion Coffees™ is his latest inspiration.

With so many coffee drinkers out there, I realized that there was a great opportunity to create a better cup of coffee - David said, “As the number two drink behind water, what better way to help people than to create a great tasting cup of coffee that provides great health benefits as well”.

"With a bit of divine inspiration, I discovered the health benefits and complex flavor that Matcha, Rooibos and Goji bring when they are fused with coffee – there is simply nothing else like our coffees on the market.”

Ultimately it’s been his experience and knowledge that led to the unique formula and fusing process of natural, whole ingredients with coffee to produce a very healthy beverage. Not a bad way to start the day. Which is exactly what he set out to do.

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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