Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Guest Post: Fun with the Kids without hurting your Pockets, By Laine Harrison

Parents should never run out of ideas on how to spend quality time with the young ones.  These activities must be fun, good and most especially, events must budget friendly for the parents.  So, try these ideas for the best free or almost free activities to keep your kids worthwhile busy without hurting your pockets.

Try Giving the Bike Parade a Twist

You can see other moms with their kids in the neighborhood.  So why not try to talk to these moms and post signs in the neighborhood inspiring other kids to embellish their rides with streamers, stickers, flags and many other things and let them bike around the street while parents are hands clapping and cheering for their kids.  Biking is always a fun activity for the kids.  However there are neighborhoods that might require permits especially if there will be a lot of kids and parents joining the event.  It would be best to get this permit and close the street for a few hours if allowable.

Visit the Local Heroes

Book the kids for a tour to the local police office or fire station so that they will be able to see the heroes of today.  Booking an appointment earlier might be necessary as these agencies might be busy or they might not have visiting hours. 

Fish the Fish

Bring your kids to a lake or river together with the whole family and put your kid’s fishing skills to test.  Then, teach them to cook the fish afterwards.

Enjoy the Park

Parks will always offer your kids free play.  You can have a picnic or enjoy some games or sports together with the family of some friends or classmates.

Organize a Neighborhood Game Weekend

Form a weekend affair of fun by having some friendly multifamily competition like kickball, softball, or other engaging activities.  Keep things fair by designating a different parent to ref or to get the rules for games. 

Nurture your future chef’s cooking prowess

Try to organize and hold some baking or cooking lessons for kids.  Let them be creative.  Motivate their skills by allowing them to put into design whatever that is on their minds.  There might be workshops for kids that might be open or kiddie cooking camps your kids can enjoy and be able to mingle with other kids too.

Learn How Things are made

There are a lot of factories that are open for tours and kids will be able to see how their favorite products are created from start to finish. 

Laine Harrison, a writer and a loving mom to her kids, likes decorating her home with hot tubs.  For her hot tub activities are fun for the kids.

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