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Valentine's Day Gift Giving Guide: Gifts for Tweens and Young Girls: PopGrrl Nail Charms (Review)

Popgrrl is the brand new line of trending fashion accessories just for tween girls!  The Popgrrl brand is about hip and trendy fashion forward must haves for girls' everyday self expression.  The first product line in the Popgrll collection from The Wish Factory is Popgrrl Nail Charms, featuring the newest innovation of stick-on-nails- in 3D!

The hot and original Popgrrl Nail Charms collections will have girls setting the trend at home and in school.  The Nail Charms are stick-on nail accessories for girls where the nail art is a popping design, creating a unique 3D look.  Popgrrl Nail Charms have a variety of designs, including the Sweet Tooth collection, Animal Instincts collection and Bow So Cute collection.  The Popgrrl licensing brand collections include Blow Pop (strawberry, grape, watermelon and apple all scented), Tootsie Roll (chocolate scented) and Gummy Bears.  The new Popgrrl product lines from The Wish Factory are the perfect accessory for any girl!

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MSRP: $6.99 
Ages: 6+
Coming this February 2012

My Thoughts:

I was sent a package of Popgrrl stick-on nails from their Sweet Tooth collection to review, and am loving this new trend for tween girls.  I ended up trying these out myself and wore them during our recently Superbowl party at my house.  Friends who gathered and saw me reaching into the chip bowl commented on how cool the nail charms looked.  At first, they were afraid, like stick-on nails from the past, that they would not stick well and fall off into the food.  But, after wearing the entire day, I can safely say that no one ate a plastic nail charm.  These nail charms from Popgrrl held up and stuck beautifully. Because they were set with nail glue, I had to soak my nails in warm water to loosen the glue.  Then, I was able to peel the nail charms right off.  I didn't have any nasty glue residue or damage to my nails, like you would get from other stick-on nails or even professional done nail jobs.  I was loving the 3D pop up affect of the charms, and this is what caught the eye of my friends.  A few of them have young children and tweens and said that their girls would love these products.  The parents were hesitant on bringing their young daughters to a nail salon for stick on nails, as they were afraid of infection, the need to maintain the glue filling, and the overall expensive that comes with professional stick on nails.  But, thanks to the folks at The Wish Factory and the Popgrrl brand, they don't have to worry any more.  Their tweens can dress up their own personal style with these trendy nail accessories.  And, at only $6.99, you can't go wrong.  I am not sure about the scented nails, but I am guessing young girls and tweens will like this special effect.

So, if you a young fashionista in your house, why not surprise them this Valentine's Day with a pack of Popgrrl Nail Charms?  Even though I am a grown adult with children, I was loving the feel of these nail charms, and received so many compliments.  These would make for a great slumber party gift to give the girls.  Instead of worrying about nail polish spilling and staining your carpets and furniture, why not let the girls dress up their nails with these fun nail accessories!


The Popgrll Nail Charm collections will be available beginning this month, and can be purchased at Toys R Us, WalMart and CVS pharmacies for only $6.99/pack.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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