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Valentine's Day Gift Giving Guide -- Gifts for Chocolate Lovers -- Seattle Chocolates New His and Her Truffle Bars (Review)

With a wink to Valentine’s traditional roses and boxes of chocolates, Seattle Chocolates introduces Red Hot and Pink Bubbly, two new whimsical chocolate bars wrapped to appeal to him and to her.
The new and improved “Red Hot” truffle bar is created with him in mind using the finest dark chocolate with cinnamon oil and crushed cinnamon candy pieces that add a sweet and spicy texture and finish.Jean Thompson, Seattle Chocolates owner and CEO says, “We had such a terrific response to our Summer Love bar flavors customers asked for more. Valentine’s Day seemed the perfect occasion to create new flavors that are fun to share.” She continues, “Our designers were inspired by doodles and dreamy handwritten notes and all that is whimsical in love and in chocolate. “

Pink Bubbly” is crafted using freeze dried raspberries in white chocolate with champagne and all natural popping candy pieces that tickle the palate like champagne bubbles in dark chocolate. The result is sweet, tart and lightly effervescent, just like her.

Seattle Chocolates has long been known for combining premium chocolate with fine, all-natural ingredients, never compromising on quality, or covering harsh flavor notes by adding sugar.  So while the His and Hers Valentine’s Truffle Bars are wrapped in whimsy, and filled with fun, rest assured that these bars deliver the very finest chocolate indulgence for your sweetheart.

My Thoughts:

The kind folks at Seattle Chocolates sent me samples of their new His and Hers Truffle Bars to sample, along with my husband.  Ever since trying their Birthday Truffle Cake bar back in December, I have become a fan of Seattle Chocolates' products.  So, when I heard they were adding these new bars just for Valentine's Day, I had to try them, as well as share with you, so that you could pick up a few bars for you and your sweetie!

Even though they are His and Hers Bars, my husband and I sampled both together after we put the girls to bed the other night.  We are both fans of chocolate, and can tell when we are eating great tasting and premium chocolate.  The first bar we sampled the "Pink Bubbly".  When you crack into the candy bar, you can actually see a pink line between the chocolate, where the sweet tasting freeze dried raspberries, champagne and popping candy pieces have been mixed with smooth white chocolate.  We were hooked right from the get go.  I especially loved the added pop rock effect.  While the chocolate melted in your mouth, the pop rocks kicked in, and it was like a party in your mouth.  Even though we knew we needed to sample the "Red Hot" truffle bar, we couldn't stop eating this bar.  Within minutes, the only thing that was left was the empty packaging.  The packaging alone is eye catching, and always whimsical and playful.  This is another reason why I like this brand of chocolate so much.  Not only do they put the time and effort into making delicious chocolate products, but they don't skimp on the packaging.

We ended up finishing up our taste testing with the "Red Hot" truffle bar, and were impressed with this one too.  My husband was leery at first, as he is not a big Red Hot candy fan.  But, after the first bite, he couldn't stop eating it.  The Red Hot flavor was subtle, giving the premium a little kick.  You could really taste the cinnamon, mixed with the dark chocolate.  What a way to incorporate sweet and spicy in a chocolate bar.  And, they were right on with the packaging for this truffle bar.

Overall, I was impressed with these two chocolate bars that were created by the folks at Seattle Chocolates for the upcoming Valentine's Day.  So, if you are a fan of chocolate -- who isn't?  Then, you must pick up a few bars of each of these limited edition chocolate truffle bars.  You and your partner will enjoy satisfying your sweet tooth with these tasty chocolate truffle bars from Seattle Chocolates.

----BUY NOW---

The Valentine’s Day bars retail for approximately $3.00 and are available January 1 through February 14 in specialty boutiques and fine grocery stores across the country and online at

About Seattle Chocolate Company

Founded in 1991, Seattle Chocolates is a woman owned company headed by CEO and owner Jean Thompson, based in Seattle Washington. We at Seattle Chocolates believe that chocolate shouldn’t be bitter or over sweet.  Without adding sugar to cover harsh flavor notes or tannins, we start with only the highest quality chocolate, carefully tempered to create a creamy, meltaway texture.  As a result our truffles and truffle bars are always balanced and smooth, not cloying.  We then search the globe for the finest ingredients to create unique but approachable flavor combinations that are 100% natural, crafted locally and Kosher certified.  Seattle Chocolates is actively involved in supporting local non-profit organizations focused on women, children and cancer, such as Gilda’s Club Seattle and City of Hope.  Specific products are dedicated to raising money to fight breast cancer.  100% of the profits from Survivor Chick and the Extreme Dark Chocolate bar go toward this effort. Seattle Chocolates products are sold in select retailers throughout the country, at Seattle Chocolates new retail store and online at

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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