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Sweet Treats from the Chocolate Coast (Review)

Founded in 2005 in Wellfleet Massachusetts, as the Wellfleet Candy Company, on the simple premise that a unique handmade candy can be created using only the best, most natural, ingredients. We have stayed true to that premise and what quickly became a regional favorite, our handmade chocolates and our signature Chocolate Oyster (shaped) Truffle, have now become treats enjoyed nationwide.  


Our chocolate sea creatures, Chocolate Oyster Truffles, gift baskets and buckets have not only become popular gifts but have been included in gift bags and fundraisers for charity and corporate events.

They are very popular as wedding favors and recently they were used as favors and decorations on a very unusual wedding cake for a coastal themed wedding.

The Chocolate Oyster's Story

Our unique Chocolate (shaped) Oyster Truffle started out as the perfect oyster shell. Once found it was lovingly bundled in bubble wrap and sent off to be made into a mold. Each mold is filled with chocolate, hand poured, scooped and filled with one of our delicious, creative flavors. Then carefully we rejoin the back of the shell with the front and apply an edible iridescent finish to the outside creating a beautiful replica of the perfect oyster.


My Thoughts:

If you followed my Valentine's Day gift giving guide, then you know that I am a huge chocoholic.  I love sampling new chocolate brands, looking for the best, authentic and oh so tasty chocolate.  Well, I found a winner with the Chocolate Coast, which has become known for their signature Chocolate Oyster (shaped) Truffles and hand painted homemade chocolates.  The folks at the Chocolate Coast kindly sent me samples of their Oyster Truffles, as well as some of their handmade white, dark and milk chocolates.  

When I first opened the box of assorted chocolates, I fell in love with these unique, hand painted chocolates.  Each seashell, crab, fish and other sea creatures molded out of chocolate were delicately hand painted with an edible iridescent finish, giving off a sheen to them that really caught your eye.  I have never seen this done with chocolate before, and it looked amazing.  How did the chocolate taste, you ask?  Let's just say that the little box of chocolate goodness was gone before my husband got home.  Savannah assisted me in taste tasting each flavor.  She preferred the creamy milk chocolate pieces, while I was a fan of the rich, dark chocolate.  As the chocolate seashells and creatures melted in our mouths and on our fingers, we sat there smiling at one another.  We were in chocolate heaven!

It took will power not to eat the Oyster Truffles before my husband came home from work -- but, I managed to stay out of the box and wait.  I wanted to try these with him, as an after-dinner treat.  After the girls went to bed, I pulled out the box filled with the Chocolate Coast's signature Oyster Truffles, to share with my husband.  I told him about the Oyster story, and how each of these beautifully handmade oysters are filled with tasty fillings like Nutella, Banana's Foster, White Chocolate, Espresso, Coconut and Peppermint Chip Ganache. 

As we sat on the couch sampling each oyster filled chocolate goodness, we couldn't stop raving about the flavor of the chocolate and the unexpected filling that awaits once you bite into these chocolates.  Hands down, the Bananas Foster oyster truffle was my favorite, as I loved the silky caramel flavor, paired with the banana and rum extracts.  My husband, on the other hand, was a fan of the coconut filled oyster truffle.  It was a pleasant surprise to have coconut added to chocolate.  You would think that two sweet ingredients would be overpowering, but not here.  The creamy milk chocolate works well with the coconut, making it impossible to stop at the first bite.  

After spending the past month sampling various chocolate brands, I have to say that the handmade chocolates from the Chocolate Coast are at the top of my list!  If you are a chocolate lover, or know someone who is, why not surprise them with an assortment of Chocolate Coast chocolates.  And, with Easter around the corner, these would make for a great Easter basket treat!

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The Chocolate Coast retail products are sold online through the Wellfleet Candy Company at chocolate.com

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone. 

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