Friday, February 24, 2012

Product Review: Veggie Patch Vegetarian Foods

Veggie Patch offers tasty, healthy and convenient vegetarian foods and meatless options ideal for
snacks, lunch and dinner. Veggie Patch takes some of America’s favorite foods and makes them
healthier by eliminating extra fat, calories, chemicals and other concerns posed by meat. Products
include main dish items, kid-friendly vegetable and cheese bites and other appetizers. All Veggie
Patch products are made from real vegetables, high in protein and free of trans fats and MSG. Look
for Veggie Patch products in the chilled and frozen food aisles at leading supermarkets nationwide.

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My Thoughts:

I was given the opportunity to sample two products from the Veggie Patch product line.  I ended up picking up the meatless burger and the chick'n cutlets to try with Savannah.  I was looking for the broccoli bites with cheese for Savannah, but couldn't find them in this brand at my local market.

Now that Savannah is transitioning to "people" food, and is being weaned off of her baby food, I find at times she becomes picky when choosing foods to eat.  She could live off of mac and cheese and tomatoes if I let her.  But, I am trying introduce variety to her, in each meal that I prepare.  I am finding that because of this, I am taking longer to prepare the meal plan for the week, and do the grocery shopping, as I have to think about, "Is this something Savannah will eat with us?"  I have spent and wasted a lot of money and food, just because she takes a few bites and spits it out.  So, when I was offered the opportunity to review Veggie Patch products, I jumped at it, as I hoping to find another product I could offer Savannah, and that she would eat and enjoy.

The other night, I surprised her with mini sliders.  I made some with 90% lean hamburger and a small batch of the Veggie Patch meatless burgers.  To each sandwich, I added pickles (she love these now), as well as ketchup and mustard.  Savannah tried both -- and, to my surprise, preferred the meatless burger from Veggie Patch over the 90% lean hamburger patties I made.  This was the first time she finished a meal, and asked for more.