Monday, February 20, 2012

Interlocking Kitchen Paddles that Make Pizza Night a Breeze (Review)

Many types of kitchen handling made easy…

The peel apart Kitchen Paddles are designed to make every stage of baking such as pizza creation easy and fun to do.  No more gathering of the dough when placing your pizza on a baking stone, oven rack or grill – and no more lost toppings !  Get your Pizza Take Out from the box to the oven for easy crisping and reheating !

Many uses of the peel apart Kitchen Paddles…

The peel apart Kitchen Paddles use a natural side by side motion to place your pizza, bread or other baked creations with toppings intact, exactly where you want it on the cooking surface. During baking you can use the paddles with an easy shuffle motion to rotate your pizza, etc. in place for evenly baked results. Removing your pizza, etc. masterpiece is made so easy by picking it up with the tapered edges and using that natural side by side motion.

Together, while paddles are interlocked, they have a total area spanning 12×20 inches, from side to side, tip to handle, respectively – with a total working area of about 12×12 inches. Apart, each paddle measures a convenient size of 6×20 inches for specialized tasks and easy storage.

My Thoughts:

With two young girls in the house, by time in the kitchen is limited.  So, when I am in the kitchen, I am making the most of my time by baking fresh breads, homemade calzones and more.  Since the arrival of Arabella back in November, we have made Friday night, "Pizza and Movie Night."  Usually, I will buy pizza dough from the store and let rise all day.  Then, when my husband comes home, we roll up our sleeves and create our own pizzas, by adding our favorite toppings.  I love this part, as Savannah has begun helping us out, and goes crazy adding diced tomatoes (her favorite) to the pizzas.  After all the toppings are added, the pizzas go in the oven.  

In the past, I would cook the pizzas on a pizza stone, but found that with our gas oven that in order for the pizza to cook up right, that it is best to cook them directly on the oven racks.  Not only does the pizza cook up evenly, but it also gets a nice crunchy crust, which we love!  Before these interlocking kitchen paddles, it was always a hassle trying to remove the pizzas from the oven.  I would find myself, with the help of my husband, using 2 spatulas each, just to remove them from the oven racks.  Often, I would tear the pizzas, or cause the topping to slide towards the center of the pizza while transporting it from the oven to the table.  It wasn't until I began using these kitchen paddles, that removing pizzas and other baked items directly from the oven racks became a breeze.

I am loving these versatile paddles so much, that I have been finding excuses to use, like serving fresh homemade bread, alongside side freshly cut cheese, to serving up calzones on these paddles.  I love how you can use each paddle separately, or can interlock, to remove large pizzas, etc.  And, storage is a breeze, as they store perfectly when not interlocked.  I have been storing them alongside my pans, and can access them instantly, when needed.

Because of the many uses of these interlocking kitchen paddles, you don't have to be a pizza maker to use.  Serve them with fresh bread, use as a cheese block, or simple remove large items from the oven, which have been cooking directly on the racks.  When we don't have time to create our own pizzas at home and have to order out, come the next day, I am using these paddles add leftover pizza to the oven for reheating.  I know that in time, I will continue to find uses for these convenient and durable kitchen paddles.  If you find yourself spending time in the kitchen, and have been known to search high and low for spatulas or other kitchen utensils to remove items from the oven, look no further then to these amazing interlocking kitchen paddles.  And, at only $19.95 a set, you can't go wrong with the price. They also make great gifts for cooks and others who enjoy spending time in the kitchen.


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The earth friendly kitchen aid that helps fight world hunger !!!

For every sale, Pizza For All LLC, donates $.50 to Action Against Hunger to help fight world hunger. (Donations to date — $320.00)

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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