Monday, February 27, 2012

The Game Of Life zAPPed (Product Review)

Whether they’re played around the kitchen table, on the computer, or on a smart phone – there are many ways to enjoy games! Hasbro is excited to introduce zAPPed Gaming, which combines the fun of traditional face-to-face game play with the increased functionality of digital gaming for a brand new, innovative experience. The Game of Life zAPPed brings the family-favorite game to life with the integration of an iPad. Simply cue up The Game Of Life zAPPed app on the iPad, place the iPad on the zAPPed game board, and watch as the technology of the app and the game pieces bring the game to life. Players can create and upgrade their own Peg Person and spin The Game of Life virtual spinner. When landing on a zAPPed space on the game board in their brightly colored car, players may unlock special features such as mini games, comical animations or a hilarious clip from "America's Funniest Videos."

My Thoughts:

I was sent a copy of this new game to with our iPad, thanks to the folks at Hasbro.  I was a huge The Game of Life fan growing up.  Whenever we would have family game night, or were packing to go away to our summer vacation home, I always made a point to to bring out this game for all to play.  My love for this popular board game has continued to this day, as I always try to get my husband or friends to play when we get together for game night.  And, now thanks to the new The Game Of Life zAPPed game, which is used with your iPad, it add a new dimension and level of fun to this wildly classic game.  You still use the popular cars to move around the game board, but, gone are the days of the cardboard spinner board.  Instead, you use the iPad touch screen to spin the wheel and unlock mini games. 


And, to make the game more enjoyable, the iPad also shows cute animations and clips from "America's Funniest Videos" after spins.  So, if you find playing board games with friends is getting a little stale and have an iPad, then why not consider purchasing this game and downloading the free app?  It will enhance game play, and engage players even more -- making for a more entertaining night of board game playing.  I know, as I just played this game with my parents over the weekend, and we had a blast.  My parents were never big The Game of Life fans, but played the game because my brothers and I liked it.  So, I had them keep an open mind when I set up the game.  They liked the added use of the Ipad and how it made the game more interesting, and "with the times."  They also liked how the iPad would show AFV clips throughout game play.  The game itself is still the same; it has just been enhanced with today's technology.  After the first round of game play, both my parents agreed that this new version of The Game of Life is more enjoyable to play, and they were ready for a rematch.  We ended up playing 4 rounds of the game, and each time, the AFV clips and comical animations were different, so it kept the game fun and entertaining, and not dull and repetitive, like some games can get.  We will definitely be adding this game to the monthly game night options, as well as have on hand for rainy day activities.  Since playing, my mom has asked when we will be playing this game again soon, as they both enjoyed playing it.  That is a first!  I guess I will have to plan another game night soon.

---BUY NOW---

The Game of Life zAPPed Edition is currently available on and for $24.99, and will be available in Toys “R” Us stores nationwide, March 1. The accompanying app is available as a free download in the App Store. 

 Disclosure:  I was sent a copy of this game from Hasbro in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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