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Valentine’s Day Gift Giving Guide–Gifts for Her–Kristine’s Shower Bath and Body Products (Review)

This has been one of my favorite reviews in the past few weeks, as I had to pencil in time to pamper myself, in order to try out samples Jenny, of Kristine’s Shower sent me way.Kristine’s Shower has been in busy since 2002, and has over 350 wholesale accounts across the US and Canada ,and about 5,000 retail customers. Chances are if you've tried a bath bomb - it was probably made by Me!, Lush, Basin or Kristine’s Shower

If you are a mom to a young child, then you know how hard it is to find time in a given day to even shower, let alone find 5-10 minutes to pamper yourself. But, after welcoming our second daughter 8 weeks ago, I have come to realize that in order to stay sane, I need to not only do one thing for myself daily, but also spend at least 10 minutes pampering myself in the early AM before the girls get up, or in the evening, after they go to bed. Pampering included a hot shower or bubble bath, followed up by massaging in body lotions and creams, to help hydrate my dry skin (from the winter months), and help relieve sore and tired muscles from carrying around two babies each day.

So, when I was sent bath and body samples from Kristine’s Shower, I couldn’t wait to try each one out. Jenny sent me the following samples:

Just drop one in your tub & let it melt away all your troubles!
No, seriously - it won't do that, but what it will do is moisturize your skin and fill your tub with aromatic scents that you will not soon forget! Once you get out of the tub, you will see what I mean! The scent still hanging in the air (and on your body), you will also see that there is no need for lotion! (but you can still put it on if you want)

"Quite possibly the last lotion you will ever need"
When we made this cream, it was more of an experiment than anything...and guess what? Turns out it's a pretty good lotion!
Use this from head to toe and we mean it too! Feel free to use it in your hair to tame flyaways and flakey scalp, face and neck for extra moisture and all over your body.
This is probably the last lotion you'll ever need - to coin the phrase by one of my best customers!

After trying sugar scrub after sugar scrub, I just couldn't find what I was looking for. All the scrubs I tried were either too oily, too scrubby or they just didn't do what they were supposed to. I started to experiment & finally came up with a sugar scrub that I can proudly say is the scrub I have been waiting for!
Sugar scrub is so gentle on the skin, you can use this from head to toe - what do we mean by head to toe? 
Many customers have used it in their hair before shampooing for a shiny flake free head of hair. We have customers that like to exfoliate their legs after shaving, scrub their heels for softer feet and others who like to use it as a face glow!

Filled with all the goodness of Shea butter & coconut oil, we now add our aloe vera in the mix for the perfect after sun moisturizer.
This moisturizer is a MUST for all of you sun bathers, bikers, fishermen, hikers, etc.
� You won't believe the difference after one application!
� Sunburns don't peel, tans stay longer and skin is moisturized.
� When using in the wintertime, skin stops itching and gets fully moisturized.
Ingredients - Purified water, Shea butter, coconut oil, e-wax NF, grain alcohol, aloe vera gel (aloe vera gel contains: purified water, aloe vera gel, carbomer, methylparaben), fragrance & coloring.

5) 100% soap --

Made with vegetable and nut butters!
All of our soap is made in small batches - when I say small I mean 2lb loaves that yield 8 bars!
Why does that make a difference?
Small batches insure great quality soap - that's why!
If you've tried it - you know how great it is!
My Thoughts:

I am loving each and every product from Kristine’s Shower. I started off by taking a nice bath, which I used the Shea butter bath bomb. I loved the fragrance it emitted into the steamy bathroom, and as soon as I dried off, I noticed my skin was softer and felt more refreshed, after being thrown up on and sweating throughout the day, with my two little ones attached to my sides. It was nice to soak and enjoy this lush bath bomb. While soaking, I used the 100% soap, which was made with vegetable and nut butters. This soap was great. It didn’t leave behind a film that many handmade soaps do. And, my skin smelled great. I also used the Shea butter body frosting on my dry heels and elbows, as well on rubbed on my legs after shaving. I noticed that my legs stayed softer and were smoother to the touch, which is great as I usually notice my legs are still stumblely feeling right after I shave. 
After getting out of the shower, I followed up with the aloe vera body whip, which instantly hydrated my dry skin. My skin felt so soft and moisturized, without a greasy appearance. With the harsh New England winters, this is a must have product to have on hand! I will definitely be buying more of this body whip for sure.
As for the Shea butter body sorbet, I found myself using this throughout the day when I wanted to quickly pamper myself between nap time and after doing laundry and dishes. It kept my hands feeling soft. Gone are the dry fingertips from applying diaper ointment throughout the day. With a small amount of this lotion, I am able to lather it on my hands, face and neck, and instantly have softer, more subtle skin. This is truly an amazing lotion. I agree with other customers, that it is the only lotion you will ever need!
So, with Valentine’s Day right around the corner, why not hint to you partner that you would love some bath and body products from Kristine’s Shower. You can simply print out this blog post review and leave a note with the products you would love to receive! Say goodbye to the same old box of chocolate and flowers, and hello to a night of pampering – one which is much deserved for us busy moms!
---BUY NOW---

Click here to order any or all of the products I was sent to sample, to try out for yourself, or to give as a gift. In addition, Kristine’s Shower is also offering some wonderful Valentine’s Day sales, so don’t forget to check these out. Note, that these specials have limited quantities, and will sell out fast!
Disclosure: I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

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