Thursday, January 19, 2012

RelaxReflect, Makers of Reflective Clothing for the Entire Family (Review)


RelaxReflect’s Mission is to be the world’s most recognizable graphic clothing brand to combine cool design with functional purpose. Featuring retro, edgy and innovative reflective graphics that illuminate when exposed to light, our customers can relax in the notion that they are always seen in the coolest clothes on the planet. RelaxReflect™ is also about clothes that feel and look great while utilizing attractive designs that inspire our customers to choose to be seen and those who value individualism and uniqueness in their daily lives.

The inspiration for RelaxReflect™ is to make cool graphical clothing that will stand the purposeful test of time and not simply be another graphics fad in the ever changing fashion market. We always aim to achieve this goal by finding innovative ways to combine style and graphical function in a creative, versatile and meaningful manner. Our designs range from simple, classic and ‘clean’ to the more intricate type of clothing aimed to highlight self-expression and uniqueness. RelaxReflect™ is designed for those who are personally responsible, yet independent, strong and not afraid to express their identity and style.

Our head designer, Jean Kateraas, is inspired by the cultural and structural surroundings of her native Southern California. She also draws on emotional effects from music and films produced there. As a result, she strives to create graphical clothes that convey a uniquely curious, impactful and safe message. RelaxReflect™ is developed for all ages as well as for athletes and sports enthusiasts.

For as long as there is light – please stay safe in the coolest graphical clothing on the planet from RelaxReflect™.

My Thoughts:


"Be Stylish, Be Seen, Be You" .  The All American Skull Cap. Keep your noggin warm and safe with this reflective skull cap.  Snug fitting.  Yes, it does have an opening for ponytails!

Fabric Choices:
  • Brush Dryflex (92% Poly, 8% Spandex). 12 oz in weight. Wicks moisture. Great for cold outdoor activities.
  • Moss Jersey (88% Poly, 12% Spandex).  14.5 oz in weight. Wicks moisture. Great for really cold outdoor activities.
  • Dryflex Micropoly (92% Micropoly - 8% Lycra). 8oz in weight. Medium weight - breathable; good for cool climate. Wicks moisture and has U.V. protection. It's as comfortable as cotton without shrinking, pilling or losing shape; longer lasting than traditional cotton.
  • Tricot  (81% Poly - 19% Spandex). Lightweight; good for mild to hot climate. Wicks moisture. Silky and smooth; super comfortable.
I was sent the above cap to review, and have to say that I was impressed with how reflective it was.  I let my daughter, Savannah, wear it when my husband took her for a stroll downtown one evening last week.  Even though it is lit up, I always like for her to wear bright, reflective clothing, just to be safe.  Even though the cap felt lightweight, it did an amazing job at keeping her head warm, while out in the cold weather.  And, with the moisture wicking fabric, I didn't have to worry about her sweating or her hair getting wet and then cold out in the elements.  

We even took a couple photos in the house, just to show how reflective this cap is:

I am just loving the cool and hip styles of clothing and accessories RelaxReflect has to offer for women, men and children.  Just look at some of their product offerings:

So, if you have young children who play sports or are out late, or you like to go for an evening or early morning run, why not pick up this cap or others from RelaxReflect, and stand out in style!

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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