Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Have You Tried YoCrunch's New Pie Parfaits? (Review and Giveaway)

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Pie lovers rejoice! YoCrunch, the original yogurt packaged with fun, mix-in toppings, launches a new Pie Parfait line that has what no other yogurt offers: crumbly, crunchy pie crust toppings to mix in for a delicious, homemade taste.

New Apple, Cherry and Triple Berry Pie Parfaits are convenient, portable and better-for-you dessert alternatives or tasty snack options for adults and kids. Made with fat-free vanilla yogurt and real fruit, each 4-ounce cup has just 120 calories, including the toppings, and offers protein and calcium.

The new YoCrunch Apple Pie Parfait features pieces of real apple and a one of a kind Cinna-Crunch™ crust topping for an authentic, all-American apple pie taste. Crunchy, delicious Crumble Crust™ perfectly balances the sweet, tart berries of the Cherry Pie Parfait and Triple Berry Pie Parfait, made with whole blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.

“Yogurt based desserts are growing trend going into 2012, but pie without the crust just isn’t pie,” said YoCrunch Senior Vice President of Marketing Ralph Tschantz. “Our new Apple, Cherry and Triple Berry Pie Parfaits are the first yogurt cups to offer real homemade pie taste complete with the satisfying crunch of crumbly crust.”

Industry experts have called 2011 “The Year of the Pie” and say consumers in 2012 will continue their renewed interest in the beloved dessert in a variety of forms, ranging from pie-blended milkshakes to mini pies to the new YoCrunch Pie Parfait. A recent study by Kelton Research shows that apple, cherry and berry are among America’s top 10 favorite pie flavors.

My Thoughts:
I was sent samples of each of the new YoCrunch Pie Parfait flavors, and had a hard time choosing my favorite flavor.  I loved how the Apple Pie Parfait had actual apple chunks.  And, when you mixed in the cinnamon crumb topping, I felt like I was eating an actual slice of apple pie -- it was that good.  I found myself scraping the bottom of the cup, making sure I got every little piece of parfait.  And, with the triple berry and cherry pie parfaits, these too contained actual whole plump berries, unlike other brands which say they contain real fruit, but you can't find any, or it looks like they used fruit preserves.  I was amazed at how each of these new pie flavors actually tasted like real homemade pies.  And, with just 120 calories and 1-2 grams of fat (including the crumb toppings), I am able to enjoy this decadent treat without compromising my waistline.  

So, now when I look for a satisfying snack to eat, I reach for the new YoCrunch Pie Parfait cups.  Not only are they good for you, but they taste great! If you are a homemade baked apple or berry pie fan, then you really much try these new parfait cups from YoCrunch.  They will knock your socks off!

---BUY NOW---

YoCrunch Pie Parfaits and other yogurts are available nationwide, including at Walmart. For more information on availability, please visit YoCrunch’s store locator. 

Suggested retail price for a four-pack of 4-ounce YoCrunch Pie Parfaits is $3.19 to $3.89.


The first person to email me telling me which of the new pie parfait flavors they would love to try, will win a coupon for a FREE 4-pack of YoCrunch Pie Parfaits.

Note: Contest is only open to US residents.  No PO Boxes.  As soon as I receive an email, the contest is over.

About YoCrunch Yogurt

YoCrunch Yogurt provides a break from boring snacking – it’s a fun snack that allows kids and adults to play with their food and receive all the health benefits of yogurt. The YoCrunch® brand is America's best-selling full line of smooth, creamy yogurt conveniently packaged together with a wide variety of crunchy mix-ins including granola, M&M's® Chocolate Candies, Nestle® Crunch® candy, Reese’s® Pieces® candy, OREO® cookie pieces, and Butterfinger® pieces, along with the YoCrunch® Fruit Parfait™ line, which launched in 2010. For more information please visit www.YoCrunch.com.

* The YoCrunch Company, maker of innovative yogurt products, is not associated with Yoplait and is no longer affiliated with Breyers. 

Disclosure:  I was sent samples from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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