Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Coming to DVD in March 2012: Growing up With Hello Kitty 2 Disc Set (Review)


Kids have fun while they learn with Hello Kitty!

Each Growing Up with Hello Kitty contains 6 entertaining stories that teach young children important basic life lessons.

Hello Kitty and her twin sister Mimmy learn to share, eat their vegetables, sleeping by themselves, answer the phone, use proper table manners, and much more.

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DVD 1: “Hello Kitty Eats Her Vegetables”

Contains 6 stories:

• Eating Our Vegetables

• Cleaning Up My Mess
• Sleeping By Ourselves
• It's Fun To Help
• Talking On The Phone
• Changing Our Clothes


DVD 2: “Hello Kitty Learns To Share”

Contains 6 stories:

• I Can Share With Friends

• Going To The Bathroom
• Saying I'm Sorry
• Let's Play Together
• Eating Nicely
• Replying Properly


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My Thoughts:

I was sent advance screening copies of these two DVDs and watched them with Savannah this past weekend.  I was a huge Hello Kitty fan growing up, and had my notebooks covered with puffy Hello Kitty Stickers.  I vaguely remember watching the cartoons on television as it was so long ago.  So, when I received these two DVDs, I couldn't wait, not only to share Hello Kitty with my daughter, but also reminisce about my childhood.  

What I love most about these DVDs is that each episode teaches a young child important life lessons, through the use of Hello Kitty and her twin sister, Mimmy's parents and friends.  As children grow up, they begin to pull away from their parents, not knowing that they are the ones who can offer the most guidance and direction.  Through these fun animated episodes, children can see that parents are great teachers in life.    

I loved each and every episode on these two DVDS, but my favorites were:

From Volume 1:  Sleeping by Ourselves and Cleaning Up My Mess

These are two things I have been working with Savannah on, so it was great to share an animated lesson with her.  After we watched each episode, I talked her about what we just saw and how it applied to her.  And, surprisingly she took it heart, and the other night began to sleep on her own, instead of trying to sneak into our bed.  In regards to picking up, we are still working on this.  But, when I notice a mess, I talk to her about how Hello Kitty learned to pick up her room and keep it clean, and Savannah begins to help me clean up her mess.  Still a work in progress!

From Volume 2:  Going to the Bathroom and I Can Share With Friends

We are working on potty training right now with Savannah, so this was a great episode to share with her and teach her when to let us know that she has to go.  As for the sharing episode, now that she has a little sister, she is learning that she needs to share her toys, and that everything is not for her.  This was a great reinforcing tool.

So, if you were a Hello Kitty fan growing up, or have a Hello Kitty and Mimmy fan in your house, then they will love these new DVDs releasing soon.  Why not surprise them with these DVDs in their Easter baskets?


  1. Thank you for your kind review, seems like you and Savannah had as much fun watching it as we did making them!

    Your memory may be playing tricks with you though; these videos were produced in Japan about 10 years ago, and this is the first time they've been released in English. But that's just a testament to the strong associations an iconic character like Hello Kitty can make in our minds!

    I have linked to your review from our Hello Kitty product page. Thanks for taking the time to review the discs.

  2. I was referencing a cartoon series, Hello Kitty, which aired back in 1987--