Thursday, January 26, 2012

Children's Movie Review -- Timmy Time: Timmy Needs a Bath -- Released to DVD on January 24th


Grab your rubber ducky and get ready to soak in some lamb-tastic good fun as preschool favorite Timmy Time™ returns for an all new family-friendly, good-hearted release, Timmy Time: Timmy Needs A Bath, now available on DVD from Lionsgate and HIT Entertainment.

With slapstick humor and not a single line of dialogue, Timmy Time follows a day in the life of barnyard preschoolers. With diverse animal characters along with a rich and colorful nursery school backdrop, Timmy and his friends learn life lessons that every preschooler needs to know. Whether fleeing bath time, becoming a walking collage, being bitten by the cleaning bug or engaging in a paint war, Timmy and his pals always bring joy, heart and a little silliness to any situation.

Enjoy some good clean fun with Timmy and his friends! Adventures with mud, glue and paint leave Timmy in some sticky situations. This clever little lamb uses his creativity to make tub-time fun and turn a paint fight into a masterfleece! Timmy cleans up and discovers the most fun of all is being with friends! Soak up the good times with Timmy…just don’t forget to wash behind your ears!

  • “Timmy Needs A Bath”
  • “Sticky Timmy”
  • “Tidy Timmy”
  • “Timmy Goes Camping”
  • “Timmy The Artist”

My Thoughts:

Savannah is a huge Timmy Time fan.  I have sat down to watch this animated series with her, and was surprised that the characters don't talk.  Instead, it is left to your child's imagination as to what each character is saying and thinking.  Both Savannah and I love the theme song.  I have even caught myself singing it in the shower, and most recently waiting to check out at the grocery store -- weird! 

Throughout the film, Savannah couldn't sit still.  She danced along to the songs, and couldn't stop laughing at Timmy and his Friends, in each of the five episodes that made up this 45 minute disc. Each episode was just the right length to keep my toddler's attention.  Since first viewing, Savannah has found Timmy Needs a Bath and Timmy the Artist to be her favorites.  She continually asks to watch these over and over again.  And, because this animated series is wholesome, and fun to watch with your child, I don't object. 

So, if your child is a Timmy Time fan, then they will love this new DVD, released by HIT Entertainment and Lionsgate.

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Disclosure:  I was sent a copy of this DVD from HIT Entertainment in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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