Monday, January 9, 2012

Act of Valor Coming to a Theater Near on February 24th -- In the Meantime, Thank the Troops with a Video, For All That They Do For Us

Remember all those romantic comedies that you dragged your husband to see? Well, its pay back time :)

There is currently an amazing new film in the works -- ACT OF VALOR. The story centers around the courage and sacrifice our troops make when serving our country. It premieres in theaters on February 24th, and stars real active duty Navy SEALS. Everything about the movie is real—from the artillery to the actual military operations. That's right — the military operations have been or are currently being excited in REAL LIFE. 

In support of our military, why not head on over to the Act of Valor You Tube Page and leave a Thank You Video.   Some of the videos will be chosen to be used in the television spots for this movie! How cool is that? 

So go now to to create your own THANK YOU video and make sure you check out the Act of Valor Official Website.

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