Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Surprise Your Child with a “Real” Reindeer Sleigh Bell This Holiday Season, Thanks to Magical Bells





You still have time to surprise your children with a “real” sleigh bell from Santa’s sleigh, thanks to Magical Bells.  Christina Frueh, the founder of Magical Bells, kindly sent me The Polar Express Sleigh Bell Gift Set, which included a sleigh bell in a crushed red velvet bag, as well as a miniature golden ticket, valid for a round-trip ticket on the Polar Express (No Cash Value – Just for a Keepsake), packaged in a beautiful red and white striped gift box, with green ribbon.  You have to see this beautiful gift set up close.  Right now, I  have it sitting on the mantle as a display piece.  And, all who stop by marvel in its beauty, and think this is a novel idea.  What child wouldn’t want one of Santa’s reindeer sleigh bells?  Who knows, it may have even come from Rudolph’s collar!  Ah, the stories you can share with you child, on how you acquired the sleigh bell.  If they are on the fence about believing in Santa Claus, then this will help prove that he is “Real.”

In addition to the gift set shown above, you can also buy the individual sleigh bell, with either a red ribbon or reindeer harness attached. 

Sleigh bells are not just for Christmas!  At Magical Bells, they also offer Magical Wedding Bells, which make for perfect wedding favors.


And, for loves who just love the sound of bells, why not consider picking up a package of bells from the Year Round Sleigh Bell Collection?


Whichever sleigh bell you decide to buy from Magical Bells, you will not be disappointed.  My daughter can’t get enough of the beautiful sound her reindeer sleigh bell makes, as he shakes it throughout the house.  We are now making this gift set part of our Christmas family tradition.  Every season, we will display our reindeer sleigh bell for all to see, and as a reminder to “Believe.”  Do you “Believe?”




With Christmas only days away, head over to Magical Bells today order a bell for your child.  Don’t feel like paying the extra shipping to get it in time for the holidays?  Then, wait and order after the holidays, and store it away for next year.


Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.

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