Sunday, December 18, 2011

My Oral-B Stages and MommyParties Party Review


Who doesn’t like parties?  Winnie the Pooh? Family and Friends? Fun…Fun..Fun?  Well, thanks to a recent opportunity from MommyParties and Oral B, I was able to enjoy all of the above, as I was selected to host an Oral-B Stages party.  

As part of being a party host, I was sent the following to in my Oral-B Stages party kit, 
Your Oral B Stages party kit
• (5) Oral-B Stage I Brushes

Stages 1: A toothbrush designed for babies ages 4 to 24 months.

Even before teeth come in, it’s time to start gently brushing your baby’s gums. Be ready with a toothbrush that has baby-soft bristles made for tender gums and newborn teeth. This is learning time, too, so choose a brush that can fit your hand at first, and baby’s hand in time.
  • Non-slip handle helps parents brush baby’s teeth and gums
  • Helps protect tender gums
  • Fits babies’ small mouths
  • Introduces babies to tooth brushing
  • Makes brushing fun with Disney Baby characters
• (6) Oral-B Stage II Brushes

Oral-B Stages 2 My Friends Tigger and Pooh Toothbrush—A toothbrush designed for kids ages 2 to 4 years.

Stages 2: A toothbrush designed for kids ages 2 to 4 years.
At this stage, kids are learning to brush, and their baby teeth are still growing in. Because their mouths are small and their hands unsteady, it’s important to choose a brush just for them. The Stages 2 brush suits their specific needs.
  • Helps protect tender gums
  • Fits kids' small mouths
  • Helps clean hard-to-reach back teeth
  • Helps kids learn to brush
  • Makes brushing fun with Disney My Friends Tigger and Pooh characters
• (11) Oral-B Stages Pastes
An anticavity fluoride toothpaste for kids.
Kids will want to brush with Oral-B Stages My Friends Tigger and Pooh Toothpaste, which provides effective cavity protection in a kid-tested, mild gel formula. Make sure that children under 7 years old use a pea-sized amount, and instruct them in good brushing and rinsing habits (to minimize swallowing).
  • Kid tested
  • Effective cavity protection
  • Makes brushing fun with Disney My Friends Tigger and Pooh characters
• (11) Bottles of Disney Lavender Wash
Cleanse and nourish your baby's skin with pure, gentle Disney Baby Lavender and Chamomile Wash. Natural botanical extracts protect your baby's skin while the calming scent of lavender and chamomile soothe and relaxes your little one.
• Disney’s Winnie the Pooh Movie DVD
• Winnie the Pooh Movie Playdate Invites
• Recipe & Activity Ideas
• Balloons
• Popcorn for guests
• Guest Gift Bags
Wish you had attended?  It was a great time had by all, especially the kids who got to see Winnie the Pooh and play some fun games.  I ended up throwing the party a week after my second daughter was born (think I am crazy…well, I was).  We were still adjusting to a new baby at home, but I thought it would be a great meet and greet with friends, as well as let my oldest daughter, Savannah see and play with her friends.  Thanks to some great friends, everyone brought a potluck dish and dessert.  I provided the popcorn, d├ęcor and drinks.


The party began at 1 PM and didn’t end until 5PM.  Everyone was having such a great time, that no one wanted to leave.  As part of the party kit, I was provided with some great games and activities to keep the kids entertained.  But, the movie alone was enough entertainment.  They liked it so much, we ended up watching it twice, while a few of the older children broke into a small group to play the games I had coordinated.  The little ones loved their popcorn holders that were included in the party pack.  And, upon entry to my house, each child had to turn over their movie ticket I had sent them.  It was so cute to see this, and a great idea for future get togethers and parties.