Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Last Minute Gift Giving Ideas–Gifts for Mom: The Mrs. Bird Bag from Lusso Bags (Review)




Bags for Women, Made by Women

Our featured shoe bag is made in Kolkata India, of eco-friendly and fair trade (ECOCERT) 100% organic cotton by women that have traded a life in the sex trade, for a new life as a seamstress. Each bag is sewn with love and care, and just five bags pays one day of honest wages, medical insurance, and childcare for one woman.

These versatile bags can shape up any suitcase; organize your shoes, lingerie, bathing suits, hair dryer, cosmetics/body care, accessories, and don't forget an empty for your laundry. This bag is machine washable, hang to dry.

Let us help you count the ways to...Shower your bridesmaids, organize your favorite mom on the go, help your jet-setting BFF and the most important...you!

Shoe Bags Many Uses:

    1. Shoes
    2. High Heels
    3. Running Shoes
    4. Accessories
    5. Lingerie
    6. Bikinis
    7. Hair Dryer
    8. Toiletries

Feel good about any Lusso Bags purchase as our company gives back 5% to help fight human trafficking. "Help a Little...Help a Lot" every time you purchase Lusso designs.

My Thoughts:


What mom out there doesn’t like an item that has many functions?  With all the running around we do with our children, the last thing we want to do is worry about where we left an item when we need it “now.”  With this in mind, I am in love with the Mrs. Bird Bag from Lusso Bags.  Even though it was originally made for and is technically a bag for women to store their shoes in, I have found a variety of creative ways to use this gorgeous bag.  For instance, when I am quickly running and errand with my daughter and don’t feel like toting the entire diaper bag around, I simply throw a few pacifiers, her snack cup, diaper and wipes and her favorite toy cell phone in the bag, and we are good to go.  Since having my daughters, the one thing I miss is not being able to sport around my “it” handbags.  While shoes are some ladies’ weakness, handbags are mine.  When I see them in magazines or on television, I just have to have them.  You should see my closet – full of handbags for all seasons.  But, since my daughters arrived, I have had to put away from prized bags in place of bulky and sometimes less appealing diaper bags.  I could see spending top dollar on a handbag, but not on a diaper bag, which I usually find cumbersome and a pain to find what I need at just the right time.  So, when I have a chance to simplify things, I like to – and, this is why I love the Mrs. Bird Bag so much.


When I am not packing it for a quick errand, I also use it when my daughter is spending the day with the grandparents.  I pack up a few of her favorite toys, and hand the bag over.  No more plastic bags from the supermarket that tear during transport.  And, my mom loves that the bag can hang on the doorknob.  So, when my daughter is done playing with her toys and getting ready to go home, she simply packs her toys in this bag, and then carries it to the car.  Since using this bag, we have not lost toy pieces. Smile

Another use was when I recently stayed with my now 5 week old daughter in the hospital.  I wanted to pack my toiletries, as they weren’t fitting with my clothes and her stuff in the diaper bag.  So, I grabbed the Mrs. Bird bag and filled it up with my toiletries.  Once I arrived at the hospital to relieve my husband of babysitting, I simply hung the bag on the bathroom door, and had all I needed at my disposal.  And, I didn’t have to worry about leaving behind my beauty products, or trying to find a space in the room to store the stuff.

And, this summer, I know this bag will come in handy when we head to the beach.  I plan to store diapers, sunblock, sunglasses, our keys, and a few snacks in this bag.  Gone are the days of lugging around the big diaper bag to the beach.  Now, we will only have to grab our towels and this lovely bag and go.  How easy and convenient is that.

So, if you want to simplify your life, why not start with picking up the Mrs. Bird Bag today.  I bet once you get this bag, you will think of additional uses for it, as I do each day!


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About Lusso Bags:

A lifetime frequent traveler, I initially designed and made my own shoe bags in order to make my packing easier and more efficient. I loved picking out the most vibrant beautiful prints I could find. I ended up making a few sizes to fit all the different shoes I would bring on a trip. The bags were so great, I started using a small one for all my sunscreen and lip balms for the beach; I used a bigger one in my purse for my back-up pair of flip flops; I used them for lingerie, laundry – even my Kindle has its own shoe bag.

When my husband started using the shoe bags in his luggage for shoes, boots, and running shoes, I knew I was onto a great thing. Lusso Bags make it easy to keep clothes and accessories nice, neat and organized on a trip or in your drawers. Beautiful fabric shoe bags are great for keeping street dirt and mud out of purses, luggage, or gym bags.

From the beginning, I had a few guiding principles. I have always been committed to making bags from the highest-quality materials, with the utmost care. I wanted to be able to make bags that help people help themselves, and I wanted to support women who need help and work. This is why I choose to work with Freeset in India, and use women artists and designers here in the US to help create the Lusso Bags designs.

Our motto is: Help a little…Help a Lot –  5% of sales are donated to organizations committed to help victims of or prevention of human trafficking. So every purchase you make helps women live with dignity and independence.

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review. The views above are mine and mine alone.

reviewing the Mrs. Bird bag? It is technically a bag for women, but many moms are using them to tote around their babies items in their purse. I am asking about the Mrs. Bird bag because I am trying to promote them more and more because they are made by the women in India that have had the opportunity to leave the sex trade and then we give 5% back on top of that.

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