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Introducing Krystal Savanella Designs, Specializing in Misses Contemporary Casual Wear



This past fall I was introduced to a new fashion designer named Krystal Savanella.  Krystal specializing in misses contemporary casual wear. The line seasonally includes couture quality jeans, tops, dresses, outerwear and bottoms (pants, skirts and shorts).  I have included some of her recent pieces from her Fall 2011 and Fall/Winter 2012 collections below, so you can get a sense of her style and design abilities. 

From the Fall 2011 Collection:




From the Fall/Winter 2012 Collection:



I love sharing new products/services with you all, so I thought that some of the mom entrepreneurs who live in and around the Ventura, CA would love to know about Krystal and her high-end women’s clothing label. I just love her tops from her Fall 2011 Collection. They look great with a pair of black dress pants, or paired with jeans. So, if you are heading out to a business meeting or after-work cocktails with the girls, you are bound to find casual wear from Krystal Savanella Designs to fit your needs.

As a thank you for helping spread the word about Krystal and her clothing label, I was sent one of her lovely chiffon scarves that she designed. At the moment, these scarves are not available for purchase online, but after seeing Kristal's design style through this stylish blue and white patterned chiffon scarf, only solidifies her capabilities as a high-end designer. I just love the scarf and how it feels. I have worn it over my shoulders and as a belt, laced through a pair of jeans. So, as you can see, both her clothing and accessories are very versatile and can be worn for different occasions, day or night, dressy or casual. I will continue to follow Krystal and her collections, and share them with you. I know based upon just seeing the scarf up close that her business is going to take off and that you will be seeing celebrities wearing your label to awards shows and out and about in CA.

What do you think of her Fall and Winter collection pieces? Do you have any favorites? I’d love to hear what you think about Krystal’s pieces.

If you are fan of Krystal and Krystal Savanella Designs, don’t forget to follow her on Facebook and Twitter (@KSDcouture), for news and more.

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About Krystal Savanella - House of Couture

Krystal Savanella is a high-end women’s clothing label, specializing in misses contemporary casual wear. The line seasonally includes couture quality jeans, tops, dresses, outerwear and bottoms (pants, skirts and shorts).

Krystal Savanella Designs  was founded in 2006 by designer and president, Krystal Savanella.

For the last 4 years, has branded themselves on couture gowns and dresses, including cocktail, wedding, evening wear and red carpet wear. In late 2009, Krystal Savanella Designs mapped out an expansion and new direction for branding. Wanting to focus on a misses line with local manufacturing. It has always been part of the plan, but they felt late 2010 was the right time.

Fall 2010 Krystal Savanella will be debuting the misses contemporary casual line.

We believe that every woman deserves to get exactly what she wants, and if only in a small part, Krystal Savanella Designs can help.

Krystal Savanella Designs takes pride in great customer service, the highest of quality in design and construction, and great business ethics. We use natural fabrics as often as possible with an exception to our top-quality laces and trims. We don’t substitute quantity for quality; we use the finest of fabrics, trims and embellishments available.

Krystal Savanella is proud to say that all of their garments are made in the USA.

About the Designer

Owner and designer, Krystal Savanella, was born and raised in Southern California. She attended Santa Susana high school in Simi Valley, studying theatre arts with an emphasis on costume design. She later went to college at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise studying fashion and business. Prior to college, Krystal worked as free-lance costume designer and quickly became known for her passion and style. This drew attention to her fashion designs and created a demand for Ms. Savanella’s custom pieces. As she developed more of her style, Krystal also developed her couture skills and quality.

Ms. Savanella moved on to design in all areas of women’s wear for a handful of both private and public design houses in southern California. Krystal Has designed it all – from Lingerie, Jr.s, misses, and high-end jewelry, to, of course, dresses and gowns.

After much work and consideration, Krystal Savanella Started Krystal Savanella Designs as a private couture label. Since then, Krystal has been working to build the business, to help it grow and flourish to become the empire she has always envisioned.

As of early 2010, Krystal began working on her debut fall misses contemporary casual collection. Ms. Savanella is very excited about working on a seasonal collection of clothing and accessories.

“There is a future for this company that will out live me. I am excited to see both myself and the business grow in this industry and I can’t wait for it become what I have always dreamed it to be. I love what I do, and am so blessed to be able to do what I love, every day.” -Krystal Savanella

Disclosure:  I was sent a sample from the vendor in order to write up an honest review.  The views above are mine and mine alone.


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